Saturday, May 12, 2012

What NT Churches can Do to Oppose Sodomite Marriage, Abortion, and Economic Theft

It is certainly Biblical for us to use our rights as citizens, as
 Paul used his Roman citizenship in Acts, and for us to follow Christ's 
command to be salt and light in our society--nevertheless, we are also
 not to violate Biblical precepts about separation, nor neglect the 
fact that preaching the gospel and making disciples is the Great
 Commission, not simply trying to influence society.
  Is there a Biblical way to preach the gospel, stand for godly
 government, and cry out against the evils of our society at the same 
time, while maintaining Biblical separation?  Should we join hands
 with those who preach a false gospel to advance political causes? What can be done to cry out for righteousness when we now have a president who openly supports sodomite marriage, not to mention the murder of the preborn and economic theft?  A 
way that some Baptist churches have sought to fulfill all these
 Biblical responsibilities, without at all compromising on separation, is to personalize and pass out thousands of
 copies of the tract:  "The Role of Government:  Has God Spoken?"
 available directly here or at either:

The tract can be edited to have your church address placed on the
back, and material concerning specific candidates can also be added 
in.  (The current version simply mentions the Republican and
Democratic party platforms, but in recent election cycles specific
positions taken by different state and national candidates relevent to
their areas have been placed in the tract by churches.)  You can then
print as many of them as you like;  the tract fits on a single 8.5 x
11 piece of paper, folded in the middle.
 The tract sets forth Biblical teachings on economics, marriage, and abortion, and then pointedly and powerfully preaches the gospel. Since 
most people have contributed to the murder of the preborn, if not by
 having an abortion themselves, then by voting for candidates that
 favor it, or doing nothing to oppose it, the tract can be used by the 
Holy Spirit to deeply convict lost people.  Furthermore, those
 unconverted individuals who agree with the Biblical position on these
 issues will find its argument music to their ears, and are often
 especially open to the gospel presentation contained in the tract.
  When passed out to a sympathetic audience, thousands of copies of this 
tract can be distributed very quickly, and in a normal crowd of people
 of mixed interest and disinterest it can be distributed as quickly as
 any normal gospel tract.  (I have passed out many copies of a similar tract at a pro-life rally in San Francisco in the past, and the tracts went as fast as I could pass them out to many pro-life but unconverted people.)  
In addition to setting forth the glorious gospel of Christ and being 
able to be an instrument through which God can save the physical lives 
of the preborn, it is very possible, in the providence of God, that 
widespread distribution of this tract could swing a close national 
election in November through altering the result in swing-states (such as here in Wisconsin, where we have printed many of them and are going to pass out, Lord willing, a four-digit number of them) 
towards those with a more Biblical worldview, with tremendous state 
and national consequences.  Thus, its distribution can have positive
 results for all eternity, and also in our role as salt and light in
 this life. 

If you are interested in personalizing this tract for your church,
 please contact Mukwonago Baptist Church at:

and a version with your church's address, etc. on the back can be sent to you.
  God only spared those who sighed and cried over the abominations done in their land (Eze 9:4), not those who merely mentally assented to evil being evil.  This tract is one way to do something about it in a very Scriptural way.



Mike Aubrey said...

Economic theft?

Joshua said...

Hi Mike,

I believe that is a reference to the use of political clout and economic policy to take from others. Racking up mass debt and then devaluing your currency so you can pay them back with dollars worth less is sophisticated theft. So to is forcing money off people who won't vote for you to give it to people who will.