Monday, February 27, 2012

Words About My Last Post

I decided to take the last post down.  No one asked me to do that.  I was pressured by no one.  I got no emails asking me to take it down.  I thought it was up long enough and served its purpose, which I was happy to have it do.  I believed removing it deserved an explanation, which I didn't have time to write until now.  I had a post written 3-4 days ago that was going to go up today that needs slight tweaking and then I'll post that in about two hours.  I still agree with the one I wrote here, but I mentioned one name and I didn't want his name permanently emblazoned on the blog.  I gave it 24-48 hours and its gone.  My choice.  No one repented.  No one tried to reconcile.  I would just rather not hit what he did any harder than this.  I'll approach the same subject some time in the future without the personalities.

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