Friday, July 01, 2011

A Majorly Minor Break

I'm leaving to Grand Forks, North Dakota tomorrow for the family camp with Pastor Mike Custer and Bible Baptist Church there. It's a terrific camp. I'll be preaching on Sunday morning and then Mon-Fri evenings if you are in the area. There is no wifi or internet provider in the location, so I won't be posting likely until at least the following Saturday. However, I wanted to give you a bit of a one stop shop here for my writings on the secondary/tertiary, major-minor doctrine issue. I mentioned that maybe Phil Johnson reads WIT. I read this twitter feed at the exact time of this discussion with no explanation for why the tweet. You will find Phil's little treatment of this issue, for which you will find answers among the following posts.

Ranking Doctrines You would find this one very helpful, because there are links to quite a few discussions on this.

Separation and Ranking Doctrines This post answers a lot of what we have been reading in the comment section about separation, including the how of separation.

The "Essential Doctrine" Is Just Being Assumed with No Proof

The Point and Presumptiousness of Ranking Doctrines

What did Charles Spurgeon and H. A. Ironside Say About the Tertiary or Primary Doctrine View?

Secondary, Tertiary, or Essential? Here is where I first started writing about this. I could see that this was foundational to and buttressed the fake unity and disobedience to separation in evangelicalism and fundamentalism and really across professing Christianity, despite the fact that very little has been done to defend it Scripturally.

Secondary, Tertiary, or Essential? part two

Secondary, Tertiary, or Essential? part three

Secondary, Tertiary, or Essential? part four

Secondary, Tertieary, or Essential? part five

A Conclusion about Ranking Doctrines I dovetailed this with something else that was occuring in fundamentalism at the time.

I'm going to be finishing this present series, to show why we should be concerned about what are called minor issues. And I haven't forgotten the two other series here, When I Left Fundamentalism and Transcendence Versus Immanence. I'll be writing more on those two among others.

Have a great week!


James Wyatt said...

Thanks so much for speaking at our family camp. The messages were truly a challenge and a blessing. May God bless you and your ministry.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Hi James. It was great to be with you guys. Thanks for commenting.

Joshua said...

Hello Pastor Brandenburg,

Just wanted to bring a series of 5 diagrams to your attention that I found shed a lot of light on the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary issue.

If you scroll down a bit over halfway you'll see 5 diagrams comprised of concentric circles.

The only one that is inaccurate/slanderous is the fundamentalist one, but I think it's a genuine mistake on the authors part (I think he meant to put most of the dots into the second circle, not the first).

With this correction made, I think those diagrams sum up perfectly what is going on.

Hope it's useful to you.

God bless,


Kent Brandenburg said...


I know about that to which you refer. I've written about it for today. Thanks.