Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Use Camping's Prediction as a Great Evangelistic Opportunity

My Baptist brethren, Harold Camping's prediction of the end of the world is a great opportunity to evangelize his followers, many of whom are unconverted. If brethren in Baptist churches all over the country go to events where his people will be in the next couple of days, when Sunday rolls around and Mr. Camping has been proven (again) to be a false prophet, there will be a lot of disappointed people who will be looking for answers. We might be able to see some of the poor deceived people following Mr. Camping converted and baptized into solid churches after their prophet proves himself false again. You can typically find out what is going on with one's local radio station without too much work on the Internet; find out what Camping's people are doing in your area, go preach to them, and, within a few days, when their entire theological system is destroyed, they will be more likely to listen then perhaps they will be as a group at any other time for years (if the Lord tarries, as we certainly do recognize that He can come at any moment.)


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d4v34x said...

It's also a good time, as we remind folks in our congregations that no man knoweth the hour, to point out it could be Friday instead of Sat. Or maybe even before lunch today. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!