Thursday, August 26, 2010

Does the Bible Have a Play Button?

I've often said that what makes the music issue the most difficult is that the Bible doesn't come with a play button, so we can't push play to find the kind of music that God wanted. I've decided I'm wrong on that because of this post by Scott Aniol. There was enough instruction or information in the Bible to be the equivalent of play. See for yourself. Also notice that he provides a contrast with the wrong music in biblical times.

By the way, I think there are enough biblical principles for us to discern between wrong and right. However, it goes further than that as exemplified in the Aniol post that I linked to.


d4v34x said...

I found this post by Scott fascinating, and really enjoyed the music as well. Amazing we may be hear what David's songs actually sounded like.

And Scott's whole series is excellent as well.

Bill Hardecker said...

It is really good to be able to hear what an actual Hebrew Psalm sounds like. Funny, but I figured it to sound something like the audio clip. It is different from English Psalms - different I guess in sound style. But I think God is pleased if we would just sing Psalms to Him, like we ought. Oh for us Baptists to return to Psalm and Scripture singing. May we be delivered from artsy music and sing what He wants us to sing.