Sunday, December 27, 2009

Important Thoughts for Human Beings part one

Here's an important thought for all human beings. You can judge God. But it's not going to matter. He's God. What's important for you is, listen up, how God judges you. And because of that, the vital ingredient in all of this is the truth. Human beings, get this: be concerned about what the truth is. For instance, you may push the eject button on God because the American Indians got treated bad, but that is only going to hurt you, and it will. You also may be really upset that in this world in which we live, children suffer. It could also be that you don't think that God should have allowed your dad to be a drunk or for you to be abused as a child. He's still God though. And as God, He makes all the rules. You can protest that. But it won't change anything.

You also may, like plenty of atheists, think that in a world created by God no religious wars should have ever been fought. And if they have, well, that religion is the cause of it, and so God is the cause of it, and so you're making some kind of a big statement about God because you reject Him. News for you too---He's still God. You also may not like God's plan of salvation. You may feel that you are on some kind of moral high ground because you reject crucifixion as a means of cleansing or removing sin. That stand you take won't get you anywhere. You may not like it, but, again, you don't make the rules. He does. And so He's always right.

You're only alternative is that this is all an accident. And if that's the case, you really don't have any basis for judging anyone or anything as wrong. Accidents are accidents. And chemicals and electronic charges and such shouldn't be held responsible for firing or charging or spilling or burping at a time that you didn't want it to. In your view that's exactly how you got here, so you can't be upset when the spillage or voltage or fizzing isn't like you like it to be. And you can't very well say that it is wrong. It just happened. Nothing controlled it.

You may try to embarrass people who believe in God that they are believing something that isn't very intelligent. If you believe a lie, that's what's really stupid. It may be a smart sounding lie, but it is still a lie. You might be able to make it sound really, really smart, but it isn't smart if it isn't the truth. I will only be embarrassed if I get sucked into your lie. I understand why it sounds intelligent. It isn't very smart. It just sounds like it. A lot of lies do. In the end, you've waited a long time in a line for a ride that is closed. You're ride is closed. You may think it is a better ride, but it isn't open. Worse than that, the truth is that you will get on your ride and it will end in a crash.

You can try to block out God in your mind or through your lame explanations, but it won't make God disappear. It is very much like the ostrich with its head in the sand. You, me fellow human being, are just putting your head in the sand. You can ignore God, but it really is at your own peril.

So I get back to the truth. What's the truth? If the truth is that there is a God, then you would do better to accept that. And that is the truth. That's where I'm going to stop with this particular lesson, but it is one that will be eternally worth it to you. I'll give you a hint on the next lesson, but it is that God reveals Himself to us in a Book, the Bible, Old and New Testaments. However, just to start, the truth is that there is one God, He did create everyone and He sustains everything. Not only is that the truth, but you can know it to be true. That may not be what you want to be the truth, but it is the truth nevertheless.

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Claymore said...

A very good article. It shows that people have an objective standard of what is right and wrong: so we can ask any fool, I mean atheist, who gave that standard. Why is it that people will fight to save lives - recently I read an account of a man who used his pistol to stop a man from brutally beating another person - we laud his heroic actions, but why did he get involved in this injustice to end it? The reason: he knew it was wrong, and the way he knew it was wrong is that there is an objective moral law that says something is right or wrong. A moral law demands a moral law-giver. I recommend strongly that all atheists get Dr. Paul Ferguson's book "God and the Atheist" to read - if they are still atheists afterward, I would suspect they are in denial.