Thursday, July 30, 2009


I mean it this time. Bethel Baptist Church of El Sobrante, CA will have the very first WORD OF TRUTH CONFERENCE on November 11-15, 2009. So it's coming up. That means you'll need to get your transportation to be in the San Francisco Bay Area at that time.

November 11-15 is Wednesday to Sunday, so everything will start on Wednesday night and end on Sunday. What does this mean? It means that we will have a regular Wednesday mid-week service, then have something on Thursday morning and evening, Friday morning and evening, Saturday morning, and then all day Sunday until early evening.

This will be a preaching conference. As such, many men who come to the conference will preach. However, in the mornings we will also have longer teaching sessions that will cover the doctrine of separation. Those who attend the conference can purchase a notebook that will have in it the notes from these sessions. After three years of this conference, we hope to have finished a book on the doctrine of separation. Every year of these three years we will invite two speakers, who will cover some of the chapters of this book. When we're done it will be a biblical theology of separation. Nothing like this book, I believe, has been written, which is why we want to write it. It will, among the doing of other things, exegete the passages of scripture on separation.

We will announce shortly who the first two speakers will be. In addition to the two, we will also have Pastor David Sutton (from Bethel) and myself be teaching portions of this book every year. If you come every year, you won't even have to buy the book, because you'll have heard it all taught by the time the three years are over. When we're done with this book, we'll start on another one in year four, Lord-willing.

In addition to these teaching sessions, which will alone be worth attending, we will have preaching from men in attendance. As men let us know that they will be attending, we will schedule some of them to preach in the preaching times. We will also provide for meals for conference attendees---lunch and supper. There will be limited housing available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will be providing hotel information for those who desire to stay in a hotel.

Saturday afternoon and evening, and each afternoon, will be available for sightseeing. The San Francisco Bay Area is a unique and beautiful location with plenty to see. One of the reasons we are having it in November is because men from cold weather locations can come to California when it is relatively warm here. It could be raining here at that time, but this is usually right before we get into the serious rainy season. The plane tickets will be cheaper too, because this isn't a holiday time, and it is a down time for ticket sales, so you can probably get some good deals. You may want to sandwich a getaway with your wife at this time around the conference, getting the best of both worlds.

The morning sessions will go from 9:30am to 12:00 noon. The evening sessions will go from 6:45pm to 9:00pm. On Sunday we will have sessions during our normal service times. However, we will have an early evening service with a potluck for our members and guests. Everything will end at about 5:00pm on Sunday evening. We will be letting you know more information as we get closer.

Here is contact information to let us know if you are coming or if you have any questions:

Bethel Baptist Church
4905 Appian Way
El Sobrante, CA 94803
email: betbapt at flash dot net (typed this way to avoid getting bombarded by spam)

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Gary Webb said...

Brother Brandenburg,
I am greatly looking forward to attending this conference & hearing the preaching - no doubt all from an expository, local church, preserved Bible perspective. However, I must bring into question one matter. You said, "One of the reasons we are having it in November is because men from cold weather locations can come to California when it is relatively warm here." The last (and only) time I came to Kalifornia, I came dressed for the beautiful climates of which you speak, but was trapped inside by several inches of snow & me having not even a warm coat to wear. Of course, I am not from a "cold weather location" & we were not at your church, but in the mountains. However, I just want you to guarantee that we will have good weather.
Seriously, I look forward to coming across the continent & bringing some of my family with me.