Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oft Quoted on Economic Matters

I speak hyperbole. And yet, I had a recent spree, unnoticed by the realm of Christianity, of being quoted in relations to the state of the economy. My heads up began with someone commenting on an old post. I wondered why. I googled. I found out.

One was Salon Magazine, also called That's a big named, left-leaning operation with a home in New York City, but also branches out of Washington, DC, and San Francisco. According to them, Salon has 5.8 milliion unique visitors to its site every month. Judith Levine of Salon read What Is Truth and quoted me. Here's the paragraph:

The hellfire and damnation faction is also finding great material, as it always does, in signs of moral, economic and environmental decline. "So what caused this recession?" thunders Kent Brandenburg at a Web site called What Is Truth. "Greed. What caused the Great Depression? Greed.”

"Of course, it's very deep rooted," he avers. "Man is depraved and greed is part of it." There’s just one solution: Jesus Christ.

Leon Gettler picked up this very quote on a column called "Management Line" for Executive Style at the Sydney Morning Herald.

The post to which they referred was quite old. I know they weren't saying good things about what I wrote, but I'm happy for what people would have read because it is the truth.


reglerjoe said...

"So what caused this recession?" thunders Kent Brandenburg..."Thunders"? You can "thunder" on a blog?

Kent, I must have your secret!

Kent Brandenburg said...

I'd thunder for you some more but it hurts my throat.

I believe Judith was using an Old Testament allusion.

Allen S. said...

That was probably the best "sermon" any of the liberals who read Salon will hear all year.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Allen S.