Monday, November 03, 2008

Watch This and Tell Me What You Think

I have taught American Government three or four times and this is Government 101. That we can't get anything definitive about this boggles my mind.

As a bonus, see this Palin rally appearance in Raleigh, NC. At 1:56 in this video, we get an appearance of our friend Tim Dunkin with his wife being interviewed. He is a member of Calvary Baptist Church in Carrboro, Dr. Gary Webb, one of the churches in my sidebar. Enjoy both his style and substance.


Jenna said...

Hello, Pastor.

That's very curious indeed. My grandma would dismiss it as false simply because it hasn't been mentioned on the news, though I'm not so quick simply because the news media "kindly" ignores any bad publicity for their candidate of choice every election I can remember. I'm currently Googling for some sort of site not affiliated with them that has record of the court case. If I can find it, then that's kind of scary. You'd figure the judge would see something is going on with the deference and refusal to produce his birth certificate. I would hope the DNC isn't stupid enough to think they could get away with it.

Out of curiosity, what is the current stance that the church is taken for which candidate? I mean, the AI has a pastor running for Vice President, and shouldn't he be with his church? And then the Republican party has a woman for their VP candidate. Dad and I were talking about this since we both obviously need to vote tomorrow, but I had to go to band, and he had to go to court to appeal since he turned in his voter registration on time but never received his absentee ballot (and those absentee ballots go against our legal right not to have to vote on anything we don't want to, don't they? There's no blank choice, only yes or no.) and then to work, so I won't see him for a few days to finish that conversation.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well down there.

- Jenna

Kent Brandenburg said...

Hi Jenna!

The church doesn't take a position on a candidate. We give a hierarchy of principles for choosing.

I don't think it matters on the presidential ticket in California---vote for the guy you're most comfortable with. However, since pro-life is my number one issue, I would vote McCain in a battleground state. Regarding Palin, she takes better positions than all the men. When you vote, every candidate has negatives and you have to rank them. The female thing violates Scripture, but it falls beneath other important matters, in my opinion.

Jeff Voegtlin said...

The thing that stick out to me is the claim that Obama is not releasing medical records. I thought it was McCain that was holding his records private.