Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why Not to Attend the Movie Theater

Here is a message (click on link, audio podcast, mp3, down-loadable) I preached a few weeks ago on a Sunday night on why not to attend the movie theater. I almost exclusively preach expositions of Scripture, but I leave Sunday nights to hit some topics and issues. Why a sermon on something like this? Sanctification. If Paul could spend a few chapters on the subject of meat offered unto idols, we can deal with subjects like this too. I would also like to strengthen separatists, young and old.


Antonio said...

Excellent sermon. My local 'church' actually owns a movie theatre ( It's across the road and they bought it as an overflow for services, which are broadcast. During weekdays they operate it as a cinema, currently showing 'The Dark Knight' and soon to be showing 'Hellboy 2'. When I was first saved I very nearly joined it. Just behind the cinema is an independent kjv-only baptist church who don't especially appreciate it.

Reforming Baptist said...

wow...that Spurgeon quote was very convicting. Thanks for that.

Linda said...

Bro. Brandenburg,
Thank you for preaching this message in your church and for putting it up here for other to hear it too. I have never believed that it’s ok to go to the movie theater thou I have gone once with my family in respect of a gift, but I should have respected what God thought and not the person or situation.
Then God had a kid from work ask me a bunch of questions and some of them were on movies and the theater which made me realize that I was still living on my parents beliefs and it was not a conviction of my own yet. I don’t like living on other peoples convictions because when push comes to shove if its not your conviction it won’t stand. so I started to look at why my parents and church believe what they do about the theater, and what the bible says about it so I could form my conviction on God and the Bible and not on ‘well that is what I was taught when I was a kid.’
Not long after that God lead me to The Jackhammer the month you all were talking about Television which put me under conviction and made me examine what and how much I watched TV and movies. Thus my conviction started forming (based on the bible) then this sermon baked the cake, frosted it, and put a fork in it so I could give it to others when God brings those times along. so thank you for preaching on the subjects that most people don’t like to hear.

Bill Hardecker said...

1 more principle to add...It is also put in "C" for alliteration purposes.

Principle of contemplation (Phil. 4:8) Does the movie help me "think on these things?"

Excellent delineation of the many reasons why NOT to attend.