Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Supreme Court Ruling on the Second Amendment

I wasn't happy about the very recent Supreme Court ruling that disallowed states to punish child rapists with the death penalty. I don't see anything in the Constitution that would disallow that. The moderate Reagan appointed Justice Kennedy is the new swing vote on the Court and he said NO to killing child rapists. Too harsh! On the other hand, and the stated topic of this post, I was very appreciative of and thankful for the ruling on the second amendment that again came down to a 5-4 vote and I guess we'll have to say that Kennedy was the swing vote again. However, on this Justice Scalia writes a brilliant opinion in favor of individual gun rights. For your convenience, I am providing a link to the 157 page decision (Click on link for pdf). You constitutional law and history buffs as well as second amendment supporters, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Truth is, our Law abiding Citizens wants protection in their homes.
And they are tired of the Law taking advantage of Authority, by one thing leading to another. When they took away our Gun Rights 30 years ago, in DC. They overstepped their Authority, by also taking away our Self Defense Rights. If an intruder comes into your home, and you kill him with your bare hands or a knife, you go right straight to jail, no question about it. And the Judge has no Right to let you go, even if you proved that you were attacked first. Cause there is no Self Defense in DC and it happened right after the Gun Ban took affect, in 1976. You call that Law?
Well I am glad they overturned it. Now that we got our Self Defense back, now we can protect ourselves. And if the Law went the other way, it would've did nothing but spread throughout the United States. where they would've lost their Rights to Self Defense.Putting everybody at risk, Even Politicians. No way, that is why they overturned it.
Them Upper Class moving into DC aren't going for this lack of HomeRule. Know what I'm saying?
They want the same Rights they had when they were in Maryland or Virginia, Or other parts of the U.S, Know what I'm saying?

Just apply your strict rules,as far as buying and registering guns. You know what I mean? with steady background checks, etc.
Thats all you have to do

Jeff Voegtlin said...

Did you already read the 157 pages?


Kent Brandenburg said...

I read the first 50 pages. It's a quick read if you don't read the footnotes. I'll read the rest because Scalia and his gange are interesting writers and I think the constitutional arguments are fascinating too.