Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here's a TEST to Tell You Who or What Is Your Master


Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

Wow. That guy was so put on the spot. That is great!

"Well...Uh...there's no way I could do that..."

"How about if I give you a hundred dollars?"

"Here I go!"

That's very revealing of the modern American Christian!

Bill Hardecker said...

That was sad.

Anonymous said...

Well.....Bro. Kent welcome to the modern world. Now even YOU are using "You Tube" to make a point.
This surprised me coming from you. Agreed it has a point.
But, proves you never know what path man may take.

Be Blessed of the Spirit

Diamond to Be said...

This is great. We have one family in our church going out for visitation -- the pastor's. This is going on my blog, too.

Since it appears, by the comment above, that posting videos is new territory for you, here's a little piece of techie info for you. You can delete the related videos that show up at the end of this video (or any others that you post), by changing one little thing in the source code. Where it says rel=1, change that to rel=0. Usually you will find it in two places.

Thanks for preaching the Truth.
Sally Johnson

Diamond to Be said...

Just when I think I am getting to be a teeny bit technologically savvy, I find out I'm not! Sorry... for this particular video, insert &rel=0 immediately before the ending quote marks in the http text.

Kent Brandenburg said...


You don't see me adding youtube, huh?


Thanks for the techno help. It still might be over my head, but I shall see.

Diamond to Be said...

Did I post this twice?? Delete one or both at your discretion.

Still over your head? If so, I am only one HTML command ahead of you. Thankfully I have techie kids. If you are really interested in knowing how to do this, email my other half, Bro. G Johnson, here:
johnson dot junk at yahoo dot com
If not, forgive me for bothering you.
I have found this info very useful. Sometimes trash is promoted on the "related" videos.