Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Your Online Marriage Service On Hiatus

Hi. I started this series at the request of a single man in our church in California. He really, really wanted me to let others know what the Bible teaches on this. It was of no special interest to me at this time. Others had asked me about it and were curious. I will continue sometime in the future, but for the sake of variety, I will be postpoining the series for other articles. My goal is simply to sort out what the Bible says and then report it. We trust what He said is best because every good and perfect gift comes from above. In a sense, you can't blame the messenger; not even blame, but just consider what God says and trust He knows best. Just take the passages into consideration and go from there. The Bible has so much in it that is a help. I am looking forward to taking a break to talk about other subjects that can teach, admonish, instruct, challenge, and encourage. I like whatever is in it, and it can aid you in whatever situation you may be in. Most of our troubles come when we veer from its path. However, God also has a way to get back into good standing with Him because of His love and grace. I hope you remember that. I believe that you will.

I am on the road right now and will be in the boondocks for a few days out of reach of the internet, but know that I am thinking of you my audience and will be praying for you while I am gone. Perhaps at the earliest, Saturday night, and then I will posting regularly for awhile by His grace.


Jerry Bouey said...

Praying for you to get back safely.

Bill H. said...

I know what 'hiatus' means. Have a good hiatus.

Cathy McNabb said...

I really do enjoy reading the serious. But then again I enjoy reading anything on the family.