Monday, March 27, 2006

Debriefing on Debating

In this space for the next few days, I will give my observations about the nightly proceedings in my debate with Mr. Hafley. I'll be brutally honest about how I did, and tell you what I thought were the strengths and weaknesses while they are fresh in my mind. I'll do this until the fat lady sings.

The first two nights he will affirm and I will rebut. You may wonder why the negative point gets to start with affirmation. Good question. It's their debate. They hold it there, provide the room, almost everything, because this is a big tradition with them. I'm coming into their house, so I follow their rules, so to speak. I've seen this guy debate someone else, and believe me, he will be a challenge rhetorically. Doctrinally, no, but rhetorically yes. We'll see you after the first round.


Anonymous said...

You should tell him that my grandfather served as an elder in one of their churches. He trusted that baptism to his dying day and went into eternity screaming. They teach damnable heresies.

Anonymous said...

I think it is difficult to change someone's mind about his/her religion - no matter how compelling your argument might be or how well you deliver it. However, I do believe that you can open hearts and minds when you reveal the truth with love and humility.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks for the thoughts anonymous. I don't think I can change anyone, but if I present the truth, the Word of God via the Holy Spirit can. Humility is a good thing, but not to be confused with tentativeness and fear. When one speaks with authority, he does look like he knows what he is talking about.