Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fundamental Stupidity

Anyone who thinks straight knows that the United States of America has reached a point of a very fundamental stupidity.  It is difficult to watch and hard to know how to react to it.  Before I get a big lecture, I know I still have salvation and joy and that everything is going to be alright in the end.  I know God is in charge like He was in Babylon when Daniel was in captivity there.  I know that.  The lectures themselves are a symptom of the stupidity.  This isn't Babylon.  Yet.  I know God will still be in charge when America becomes Babylon.

You don't hear much sense from anyone in power or who could have power in the country, but when you do, you want to acknowledge it.  I realize that Donald Trump could be lying to everyone.  I've got to establish my bonafides in recognizing Trump might be taking people for a ride.  I read just today that Donald Trump said the following in People magazine in 1998:

If I were to run, I'd run as a Republican. They're the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they'd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.

It was a meme that started appearing in October 2015 as Trump was rising in the polls of the Republican primary race for President.  Is it true?  Did he say that?  Snopes, which is no friend to conservatives, said that it isn't true.  The fact that 48.5 million people have shared the Snopes article indicates how many times people have repeated this lie.  People need to check out their sources better.  That was entirely made up in order to smear Trump.  You can find enough real stuff that Trump has said if you wanted to smear him as a conservative.  But why even bring in the name Trump at this juncture in a discussion about fundamental stupidity?  Trump has gained traction as a candidate for pointing out the obvious.  This is no accident.  Dismissing that is a part of the fundamental stupidity.

Conservatives have become useful idiots by undermining certain Trump points of sensibility.  They attack common sense to put down Trump.  In so doing, they support fundamental stupidity.  Trump wants to eliminate illegal immigration.  He early on made a point about Mexico sending rapists and other criminals across the border, which has been found to be true again and again, but the fundamentally stupid media reported and continues to report that Trump said that Mexicans were rapists and criminals.  That is typical of the media.  Then you had Republicans using the media lies to oppose Trump.  Trump has done what a smart person would do.  He has ignored the charge.  It is, however, the kind of thing that works with fundamental stupidity, that is, just tell a lie that dupes idiots.

At this point, someone might say I'm fundamentally stupid for supporting Trump.  That is a fundamental stupidity, because I'm supporting what Trump said.  Guess what?  That's different.  Slow down here everyone.  Stop for a moment.  T.h.a.t.'.s.  D.i.f.f.e.r.e.n.t.  We have to slow way down for fundamental stupidity.  It's different to support things Trump says than to support Trump.  Are you getting that, people who have regurgitated the media lies?  We get it.  You are against Trump.  But who else says what Trump says?  Let me give you a recent example.

I had some ideas of what I might want to write, and I didn't want to write something with the name Trump in it and start all over again, which says that fundamental stupidity does work very often.   Under pressure, I was thinking about writing about something else, maybe even continuing the theme of my last two posts.  However, I watched Trump give his press conference on his plane.  Much of the line of questioning in the 18 minutes was about Trump's taking away of the Constitutional rights of Muslims.  Trump is good answering these types of questions.  I don't know how much of it is natural and how much of it is trained or practiced.  What he does is stay on point and his point is, "They have to turn people in."  People want to talk about the rights people are taking away, and Trump doesn't bite.  He says, "They have to turn people in."

Many Moslems (who knows what percentage?) do not turn people in when they know they are planning the terrorist acts.  Trump focuses on that point.  That makes sense.  That is not fundamental stupidity.  Trump takes a moment of sensibility.  Fundamental stupidity ignores that common sense.  This was the same reason he talked about killing relatives, by the way, like Reagan did when he bombed the Gaddafi compound in Libya in 1986.  That's what Americans once did, that is, retaliated for the killing of their people.  Now we present deaths like they are a traffic fatality, just another way to die like the flu.  They will keep killing us if we don't bring any threat to their evil.  I want to obey my duty to hate Trump, but I can't hate these sensible things he says, that no one else will say.  They are too afraid of offending fundamental stupidity.

I know that the fundamental stupidity in the United States starts with denial of God as Creator and then goes down from there.  That should be a stopping point, one that is supported by evangelicals when they push for old earth creationism in the form of the day age theory, theistic evolution, and progressive creationism.  When you remove God as Creator or compromise to allow for those who deny God's creation, you sabotage sensibility and start down the path of fundamental stupidity.  You get every stupid idea proceeding from that initial stupidity, that is, that all of what we see out there came about by chance.  It affects everything when you are wishy-washy and not solid on God as Creator.

Unbelievers will keep denying God, so I could just spend all my time on the gospel.  I could bring up nothing else.  If I do talk about anything else, someone might claim I diminish the importance of the gospel.  The rest of my life I just preach the gospel and bring up no other subject even if it is fundamental stupidity.  I know the gospel is the cure.  I know that.

Since evolution or Darwinism buttresses all fundamental stupidity, I could just park there and never leave.  Since the gospel is the solution, I could live there without ever moving.  I could ignore illegal immigration, racial discrimination in the form of affirmative action, opposition to a second amendment right to self and home protection, the robbery of progressive taxation, the corruption of our government, and the lack of law enforcement.  I could.  I won't.  I'll keep bring up these issues at the same time I oppose evolution and preach the gospel everywhere and to everyone.  I think it is fundamental stupidity not to do that.

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