Monday, July 27, 2015

Guide to Soulwinning and Personal Evangelism

I have written a "how-to" guide to personal soulwinning with detailed notes on how one can go verse-by-verse through the points of the gospel with a lost person. It is a work that has been in progress for a number of years, but which finally was completed in conjunction with a series we were doing at our church on how to evangelize/preach the gospel to people one-on-one.

Unlike some (unfortunately) popular tools that are available, this soulwinning guide:

1.) Is carefully based on a Biblical evangelistic methodology rather than salesmanship techniques;

2.) Relies on the power of the Holy Spirit for success, rather than manipulation of the lost to produce merely human decisions;

3.) Seeks to bring the lost under deep conviction of sin and then directs them to look directly to Christ in repentance and faith, rather than promising them salvation if they ask Jesus into their heart or repeat a prayer.

4.) Explains Biblical repentance, rather than neglecting that essential aspect of the gospel;

5.) Is geared to seeing the Great Commission fulfilled--the lost saved, baptized, added to the church, and making disciples themselves, rather than simply making a profession and then vanishing, never to be seen again;

6.) Prepares the way for follow-up with an evangelistic Bible study, rather than viewing a one-time presentation as the be-all and end-all of what the lost can hear;

7.) Is built on a Biblical, historic and separatist Baptist doctrine and practice.

The guide is available as a PDF by clicking here.

It is designed to work in conjunction with the video presentation, audio files, and other written helps available by clicking here.

The evangelistic Bible studies available by clicking here are related also, as are the pamphlets for specific false religions available here. The soulwinning guide, the Bible studies, and the pamphlets are available as Word documents for download and personalization by specific churches here, so you can personalize them with your church address and so on.

If you wish to employ any of these resources in training the people of God in evangelism in your church, or wish to use the pamphlets or the evangelistic Bible studies in reaching your community with the gospel, I would be delighted that they were in use.  Feel free also to link to whatever you feel could be beneficial if you wish.  The terms of use for material on my website are available here.  While I do not mind if you engage in minor tweaks of the material, please do not change the doctrinal or practical position advocated therein.  If, for example, you are not in agreement with the seven points listed above, I would respectfully ask you find other material than mine.  Thank you.


Farmer Brown said...

"3.) Seeks to bring the lost under deep conviction of sin and then directs them to look directly to Christ in repentance and faith, rather than promising them salvation if they ask Jesus into their heart or repeat a prayer."

"But then how will we build our college?"

Pardon the levity, just a little sarcasm. Thanks for this guide. I have used a number of your tools from the website, and thank the Lord for them. Keep up the good work.

Joe Cassada said...

Thank you for this. Very good.

KJB1611 said...

Dear Farmer Brown,


Colin Maxwell said...

I'm all for your idea, although this paragraph leaves me somehwta puzzled:

[3] For example, Jonathan Edwards’s Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God powerfully presents the negative side of the gospel’s warning of deserved judgment, while William Reid’s The Blood of Jesus clearly explains the positive side of the work of Christ and the necessity of faith in him. Charles Spurgeon’s All of Grace is another wonderful work for the seeking sinner. Copies of these compositions can be downloaded and printed at and or acquired through ministries such as or (Note: while Chapel Library reproduces these pamphlets and many other worthwhile resources, as they are TULIP Calvinists and a Bible church, their doctrinal system is in important areas unbiblical.)

Were the 3 men above i.e. Spurgeon, Edwards and Reed not also 5 point Calvinists? Certainly, Spurgeon and Edwards were. Why warn of TULIP Calvinism at Chapel Library, but introduce folk to TULIP Calvinists in the literature you are giving them?

KJB1611 said...

Dear Colin,

Thanks for the comment. I don't think that the resources I mentioned would lead people to become TULIP Calvinists, as they are evangelistic works that don't promote TULIP. I also don't think that the vast majority of unsaved people would even know what Calvinism is, so I would view those three works as simply good evangelistic resources. However, if you don't want to give them to people because of the TULIP theology of Edwards and Spurgeon, that is just fine--don't do it, and use something else by someone else.

Colin Maxwell said...

I believe the 5 points of Calvinism. Partly because some one introduced me to CHS. I am quite happy at the thought of such literature being distributed, first of all for basic evangelism reasons and the maybe as a follow on later on. Thanks for your reply.

KJB1611 said...

Dear Colin,

Thanks for the comment. I would encourage you to check out:

A Brief Statement on what the Bible Teaches on the Five Points of Calvinism (TULIP)