Sunday, November 03, 2013

I-MAGINATION: The God of Truth Replaced in an Age of Apostasy

Bethel Baptist Church will hold its fifth annual Word of Truth Conference this week Wednesday to Sunday, November 6-10.  It's a beautiful time of the year in Northern California, unlike some of the rest of the country.

The first three years of the conference were on the purity of the church, and a book came out of that entitled, A Pure Church.  The sessions are still available at the conference website.

If I go to a conference, I want to hear good preaching and substantive sessions.  I believe both are found at the Word of Truth Conference.

The theme for the conference, starting last year, and moving into this year is the above, I-Magination:  The God of Truth Replaced in an Age of Apostasy.  This seems to be an age of apostasy.  Men are turning from God and from the truth.  Pastor Bobby Mitchell will preach Wed, Thurs, and Fri nights at 7pm.  In the mornings there will be sessions, starting with Pastor Mitchell's on Thursday AM and the theme of Soulwinning Versus Salesmanship.  Pastor David Sutton will cover the topic of Science Versus Faith on Friday morning.  I will finish the longer sessions on Saturday morning with Affections Versus Passions.

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