Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Harvard Joins the Audience of Brandenburg and What Is Truth

Harvard University has included What Is Truth in its curriculum as part of "The Pluralism Project." Harvard researcher Ellie Pierce quoted a post on What Is Truth as part of a case for class discussion and education. She titled it "Fliers at a Peace Parade." It seems that Harvard agrees that Brandenburg and What Is Truth should be read by the students of Harvard University. The alma mater of the President of the United States and the Forbes top ranked university in the U. S. includes What Is Truth in class discussion.


Damien said...

pretty cool. Little do they realize that you were actually offering true peace at this parade. Keep standing for the truth!

(does this make me famous since I comment here from time to time?)

Kent Brandenburg said...

You are officially famous, Damien, for at least fifteen minutes. Obviously this whole thing is tongue-in-cheek. It's real, but the magnitude of importance is far less than what I'm making it. ;-)