Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tremendous Conference Opportunity----August 28-31

On August 28-31, Dr. Gary Webb and his church, Calvary Baptist Church of Carrboro, NC will hold a preaching conference in celebration of the church's fiftieth anniversary, entitled "To Put Us in Remembrance," surely after the instruction we were given from God in 2 Peter. Here is the schedule for the Conference:
Thursday, August 28
7:00pm---Pastor Bryan Green, pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Rolesville, NC
8:00pm---Dr. Kent Brandenburg, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church of El Sobrante, CA
Friday, August 29
10:00am---Pastor Bryan Green
11:00am---Pastor Bobby Mitchell, pastor of Mid-Coast Baptist Church of Brunswick, ME
2:00-4:00pm---Question and Answer Time with the pastors
7:00pm---Dr. Kent Brandenburg
8:00pm---Pastor Bobby Mitchell
Saturday, August 30
11:00am---Dr. Kent Brandenburg, a presentation of Baptist History held at the historic building of Sandy Creek Baptist Church
12:00pm---Picnic Lunch
6:00pm---Youth Activity for 4th Grade to College Students---Pizza, Games, followed by preaching from Pastor Bobby Mitchell
Sunday, August 31
10:00am---Pastor Bryan Greene
11:00am---Dr. Kent Brandenburg
Afternoon Service---Pastor Bobby Mitchell

Here are the directions and contact information.


Don Johnson said...

Hi Kent,

Interesting. I am sure I went to school with Gary. Can't remember if we had some classes together or not, but I am pretty sure we had a few conversations in those days.

Give my greetings if you think of it.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Bobby said...

Thanks for the invite. I'll be there, Lord willing. If I can't make it could you get that Bobby Mitchell guy to sign my Bible for me?

Kent Brandenburg said...

I hope several men decide to come. Don, you probably do know Brother Webb. He graduated from Clemson and then got his M.Div and D. Min at BJU. He preaches great exposition. Bobby, make sure that you don't confuse Bobby Mitchell's signature with your own when you have your Bible signed by him.

Bradford said...

Why would you want a sinner saved by grace to sin your Bible? It's almost like Bobby Mitchell signing a book written by Charles Spurgeon. Makes absolutely no sense. The Holy Spirit moved holy men to right God's Words. Last I checked Bobby Mitchell didn't write the Bible. Why don't you ask the Holy Spirit to autograph your Bible, you idolator?! Can you imagine the first century Christians asking for Paul's autograph as he was sitting in prison suffering persecution for his faith in Christ. Bible signing practice by puffed up men, and man worshippers is ridiculous!!!

Kent Brandenburg said...

Hey Bradford,

The whole thing was a joke. We don't do the Bible signing thing either. Bobby was joking. Sorry you didn't get it.


Bradford said...

Hey Bro. Brandenburg, thanks for clarifying. Obviously I didn't get the sarcasm. Sorry for the strong tone. I almost lost my salvation as far as my attitude, spirit, or tone in my comment. I'm also being partly facetious... I believe in eternal security. I pray the conference goes well. God bless!