Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Seventh Inning Stretch

We're half over. You want some juicy stuff. You'll get tidbits. I think I need to wait because Mr. Hafley will use whatever I say here with or without the Miranda warning. Not many people debate, they will say. Do I know why? Sure. It's a mud pit, the way they debate. Yes. But Paul debated and we must contend for the faith, and it is an opportunity to preach to a lot of baptismal regenerationists. It is a lot of preparation and the book afterwards will make the extra time seem more worthwhile. Eternal security is a very practical subject. I'm certainly on top of it right now in a way that I don't think can ever leave me. I'm on the affirmative on Thursday night. I look forward to this. Where's my popcorn?


Jason Hodge said...

Pastor Brandenburg,

We prayed for you last night at the deacon's meeting. Again, I am encouraged that you are taking on the error that is out there, whether ignorant or willing.

Isn't it interesting (scarry) that the way we rationalize things, the evidence we accept or reject, the things to which we lend credibility will ultimately dictate what we believe? And belief is one pillar of faith. It makes me think there is method to all this dumbing-down that's happenning in American schools, secular and Christian.

Kent Brandenburg said...

thanks for praying and for the comments.