Friday, June 22, 2018

Trinitarianism College Course Now Complete on YouTube

I am pleased to let readers of What is Truth? know that the college or seminary level course on Trinitarianism that I taught at the Mukwonago Baptist Bible Institute a few years ago now has all of its lectures available on Youtube, just as they were already available on my website.  Many independent Baptists, even in positions of leadership, are woefully ignorant of the Trinity.  They do not understand basic facts about the Trinity that would have been taught to children in centuries past.  They have no idea how the Trinity is at the foundation of all Christian piety; rather, Trinitarianism is simply a doctrine to hold to in one's head that has no practical effect in life.  I would encourage all Christians to consider taking the time to listen to these lectures, and encourage everyone to study them who is involved in preaching or teaching the Bible, unless you have already gained an equivalent or better understanding of the glorious character of the Triune God in another manner.  If you want YouTube to have these lectures rank highly, please consider hitting "like" on the lectures and posting a comment or two.



Kent Brandenburg said...


I was already planning on doing a series on the Trinity on our church on Sunday nights in the near future. I think it is very important to understand for a right understanding of God, salvation, sanctification, and many other doctrines.

KJB1611 said...

Wonderful, I'm sure the Lord will use it to greatly bless His people.