Saturday, May 26, 2018

Get 2% or More Back On (Almost) All Expenses, Including Tithing, Giving, Business & Personal Bills, etc.

You can get 2% cash back or more on almost all your personal, business, and charitable expenses in the manner described below if you act fast.  Let's say you give $20,000 a year to your church, pay $10,000 a year on your mortgage, and have other bills of $20,000.  That would be $1,000 back for following the simple directions below.  Let's say you have a business and spend $1,000,000 a year.  With a little more hassle you could save $20,000 a year, or more, by following the directions below.  However, this opportunity will dry up on 5/31, so you need to act quickly.

A service called Plastiq allows one to pay almost all bills with a credit card, including everything from rent to one's plumber that one may not normally be able to pay with credit.  Normally they charge 2.5% for this service.  If you have a credit card like the Citi Double Cash, you get 2% cash back, but you still are out 0.5% for the fee.  That is not a good deal.  However, for payments on a Mastercard through Masterpass, Plastiq is offering a deal of no credit card fee at all for payments up to $500 per day per card through the end of September, as long as you pay them within Plastiq through Masterpass and schedule the payments before 5/31.  That is, you could schedule $500 a day on as many Mastercard credit cards as you have and get 2% back on all of them, every day, between now and the end of September, as long as you schedule the payments by the end of May.  They do not need to charge your card now, only have the payments scheduled now; they charge the card when they send the payment out.  If someone has multiple Mastercards, and can afford to pre-pay his giving, utility bills, mortgage, etc., a very large amount of money could be made. I am going to try to take advantage of this to get 2% back in free money on as much as possible, and I would commend the deal to you as well.  If you get 2% cash back on your credit card, you are saving $10 on every single $500 bill you schedule.  A charity like a church or Christian school could do this as well and save a very large amount of money if they have multiple Mastercards.  They could, for example, send checks for missionaries that they support out through Plastiq and save 2% for every one.

I have paid many bills through Plastiq and the service has been reliable, and using them has been financially profitable through various promotions they have.

If you use my referral code, 283357, when you sign up for Plastiq, you will get $500 "fee free" dollars as well which you can use at any time, and I will get some as well.  (Thanks in advance.  You do not need to use my referral code to take advantage of the promotion.)

If you do not pay your credit card bills in full each month but run high interest rate balances, you should NOT take advantage of this deal but should pay off your cards as soon as possible.  For those who do pay credit cards off in full each month, I believe this is genuinely a very good deal.  For more information on how it works, please see the article here.

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