Friday, April 20, 2018

Modest & Gender Distinct Swimwear

Not that long ago, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Jamaica, where we enjoyed the beauty of God's creation and were refreshed in the middle of our long Wisconsin winter. We recognize that there is no basis whatsoever for saying that God's standards of modesty change when one is near a body of water. What resources are available for modest and gender-distinct swimwear?

We were very happy to find some good quality sources for modest and gender-distinct swimwear. A company in Israel, Modli, sells modest swimwear, and we got my wife a four-piece extra-long swimset with full-length tights. They state that their "swimsuit reaches the knee of a very tall woman (over 5' 11''), and will cover the knee of an average woman," and it has tights beneath it that cover the entire leg.  It is modest and stylish, and we are glad we got it.  (The picture below is from the Modli website; it is not my wife wearing the product.)

Our only negative about it was that, while it had free shipping, it took a long time to get to Wisconsin from Israel.  If you are planning an event where you would want something like this, order early. (The company refunded us some of the price because of the shipping delay, so they actually had good customer service with the longer shipping time.)  I recommend this product for people who care about Biblical modesty.

I also got my wife a long black swim skirt with a zipper, as well as full-length tights from a company called Undercover Waterwear.

(Again, the picture is from the website; it is not my wife.)  This product also was very good for swimming in Jamaica. It dried fast, the zipper on the side was useful for certain types of swim strokes, and the long tights underneath the long skirt kept everything very modest.

I purchased for myself a skinsuit from LesiurePro that covered the entire body (and did not cost very much).  It was on the tight side so I wore normal swim trunks over it, and in this way could swim very well and be totally modest.  Men should be modest when they are in or near water, just like women should be modest.

We rejoiced that we were able to dress in such a way that we could honor the Lord Jesus Christ and be a good testimony to the world while enjoying God's beautiful creation in Jamaica (and also not get sunburned, bitten by insects, etc. because there just wasn't a lot of skin to burn or bite).  If you are looking for modest swimwear, perhaps these resources will be a blessing to you as well.


Brendon Dunn said...

Hi Thomas
Thanks for the resources. I hope more Baptists will see the importance of dressing modestly at all times. It has long baffled me as to why many Baptists dress properly in every other situation, but, upon coming within proximity of a body of water, abandon all standards of modesty. About eight years ago our family searched for modest swimwear for my wife and three daughters, and came across which is run by a Christian homeschooling mum in Washington state. You can send her the measurements and she will make a a custom swimming dress to your specs. That way you can ensure the skirt goes well below the knees and the sleeves are adequate. We have purchased dresses from her numerous times over the years and have been very happy with them.

Anonymous said...

Your Wisconsin winter? I always thought you were from California.

Anonymous said...

The Skirt Outlet in Morris, MN is another good source for modest, feminine apparel.