Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Metaphysical Reality

When you think of your own existence, you find yourself in a moment of metaphysical reality.  Your thoughts are not mere chemicals.  As you direct your own mind to subject matter, you know this is not only physical.  Some other dimension besides the physical is at work.

Space and matter appear to be expanding and men know this didn't and doesn't "just happen."  Even if it isn't expanding, what we see as doing so must have been caused to begin.  The idea of the universe being part of a chain of infinite causal regress, cause and effect going back forever, is not possible.

Modern observation of the fine-tuning of the universe, the complexity of the cell, and modern physics point to a metaphysical reality. String theorists envision ten or more dimensions.  Quantum-field theorists speculate higher dimensions. Scientists are not yet certain exactly what dark matter and dark energy are, but many of them "believe" that we are detecting the effects of both, and they use dark matter to explain galactic motion.

If someone can accept higher dimensions and dark matter, he should also consider metaphysical reality.  Men choose to conceive of artificial intelligence living in a simulated computer universe. That intelligence could be totally unaware of its programmer-creator watching it, even though the world exists outside of the computer.  The human brain far exceeds the sum of the abilities of any man-made computer,  so that even a simulation is far beyond the computational capability of any current computer or the coding itself required to program it.  Though human minds are immaterial, they depend on matter to exist.  However, as a transcendent Spirit, God does not depend on material things to exist, and therefore His mind could compute far beyond the reach of any even conceivable supercomputer man could build.

Astronomer Hugh Ross identified one hundred forty fine tuning parameters of our universe, without which life as we know it would be impossible, akin to one hundred forty radio tuning dials that have to be simultaneously tuned to precisely the right frequency.  If it isn't God in charge of those dials, then there must be some explanation and it can't be continuously successful chance.  Even though men haven't come close even to finding another planet that can sustain life, it doesn't make any sense to give credit to some very talented and powerful alien for controlling those dials.

Generating complex order from an explosion isn't possible.  Explosions produce disorder and chaos, not mind boggling order beyond the ability of even human design.  Men don't see accident or chance functioning with precision.  Yet the accuracy applied to all the calculations necessary for succeeding at the monumental number of correct conclusions is beyond the cumulative efforts of all the smartest men.  It is metaphysical reality.  Who is metaphysical reality?  He is God.

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