Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump Rumors

I'm actually on the road right now, and I've got a lot on the platter.  I'm writing this at an airport in the middle of the country.  This is easier to write, but I'm giving my take on latest about President Trump. I want to continue a couple of series I've started, but I don't have the time to put into them in order to finish, so here goes.

Very often today, the media is pushing the narrative that Donald Trump is on the road to impeachment.  You also hear from the same that Republicans are scared, troubled, and losing faith in Trump.  Here's what I think, and I've basically been right start to finish so far about Trump.  I think I'm right again, but here is what I think is really happening.

The media drives the Democrat Party.  Who feeds the media?  First, the media is an entity to itself and it feeds the Democrat Party.  Second, the media receives distracting talking points from leftover establishment and liberal types in the federal bureaucracy, including the intelligence gathering components domestic and foreign.  Third, a few very influential Democrats tied to the Clintons and the Obamas formulate stories for the media to tell.  Almost all of the stories, as I see it, are lies, at least lies in their basic premise.

We know from the account of the Clinton campaign, the book, Shattered, that as soon as Hillary lost, Podesta and crew came up with the Russian story as an excuse for losing.  The media has run with it.  There is very little, as is said, there, there.  If you scoured what every Trump associate or supporter did, you might find something inappropriate that might possibly be vaguely construed as violating some either law or ethic.  Mainly I'm talking about anyone who even talked to a Russian that could be used to place someone on the grassy knoll.

The greatest violations of law and national security and liberty have come from Democrats, primarily three:  illegal surveillance or eavesdropping on Republicans, including Trump team, for political purposes, the illegal and traitorous leaking to the media, and then the continued pile of evidence that the Clintons exposed tons of classified information, including that on the computer of Anthony Weiner, and profited from pay to play corruption in their foundation.  What I just stated is the real issue and the media is essentially covering it up, and establishment Republicans like John McCain are useful idiots to the media.

Every other story, that is a fake story, totally contrived, is the Russian collusion story.  It's just being used to hurt Trump, his leadership, his presidency, and agenda.  First, none of us has still received the evidence that the Russians affected the election.  People say it, but we don't know it.  We don't know that information wasn't leaked by Democrats themselves.  The media isn't taking that pathway because it conflicts with its agenda.  Second, we don't know what the worst possible of the Trump people has even done that is illegal.  Even if it is inappropriate, it pales next to Obama and Clinton in anything akin to it.  Flynn is already fired.  He can't be fired again.

I have seen no evidence of Russian collusion.  Some of the stories written are outright lies.  Those are the bigger concern.  Part of it now is this idea that Trump gave the Russians classified information hurtful to an American ally.  This is still unproven even if illegal.  McMaster is a favorite among even Democrats and establishment, and he is defending Trump.  Then there is Trump firing Comey to protect himself against an investigation, which continues unimpeded even by the testimony of the acting FBI chief.  I see Trump as firing Comey, because Comey is being too political, including in how he is treating this Russian situation, which is a nothing.  It seems to me that Comey has used it as leverage.  It obviously didn't work.

The last part of this is the new story that Trump asked Comey if he wouldn't investigate Flynn, because Flynn is a good man.  I think Trump believes Flynn is a good man, who has suffered more than what he should have.   He also wants this fake story to end, because it is a distraction to his administration.  Asking if the FBI would be lenient with Flynn isn't a crime.  They have spun it into obstruction of justice, and as impeachable.

The stuff against Trump is a fake story, fake news, a total house of cards.  That is my point of view.  We'll see how it comes out.

There is much more than this, but my flight just got called.


HEM said...

The media has a liberal agenda. The liberal mindset is negative, therefore their "reporting" will reflect that (and resonate with their viewers). It amazes me that people assume Russia propaganda is so powerful that they could leak something that would sway 200 million voters (btw, what exactly did they leak that was so damning? The average American has no idea, and those who could answer that question already knew which box they were going to select during early voting). I understand in tight election races, it wouldn't take much to swing an election, but the street runs both ways. There are allegations of voter fraud on the side of Democrats, among other unethical accusations. It's a competition, somebody is going to lose. It's how losers deal with defeat which is at the heart of the discussion.

Here's the reality. Over the last 8 years, Libs were in an establishment position. This isn't a position they are comfortable in. They are miserable, negative people who want to express their contempt for anything and everything within the status quo. Even though they lost the election, they are actually in a more comfortable, natural position for their psychological predisposition. They can complain, protest, name-call, and every other obnoxious thing they do, which allows their misery to manifest itself to the world. If She had one, Libs would subconsciously be even more miserable people than they already are..

Kent Brandenburg said...


I concur.