Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Moral Narcissist*

I just want all of you to know that I'm really, really against immorality.  Immorality is bad.  It's heinous.  I'm hugely against it.  I'm not sure anyone is against it more than me.  Just a second while I take a moment to tweet that out.  Oops, I can't blog how much I'm against immorality and tweet it at the same time, despite my skill at multi-tasking.  I do have an appropriate picture that will show everyone that I know how to tell how much I'm against immorality.  It's not one of me, because, of course, I'm very, very moral.  The picture is of Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his wife with Donald Trump in front of a framed photo of Donald Trump on the cover of Playboy.   It would be immoral to show the photo.  In addition, I don't have that image right this moment to portray how much I'm against immorality.  However, I'm asking you to imagine it with me for the purpose of understanding how against immorality that I am.

Pause with me a moment while I tell you how immoral Donald Trump is.  He is.  Hugely immoral. If I were on twitter for you to follow me, you would be receiving incessant tweets informing you of how immoral I think Donald Trump is.  You need to know.  He is.  I think he is.  It's been a very well kept secret, which you couldn't have known, that Donald Trump is immoral.  It's important for you to know that I think that he is too.  Me.  That I'm a major opponent of and exposing agent of the immorality of Donald Trump, something along the lines of John the Baptist confronting Herod's immorality, except for the fact that I'm using a form of social media to tell the whole world how immoral I think Donald Trump is.  I'm applying that example as my basis for writing and tweeting against Donald Trump's immorality.  I'm not threatened in any way like John the Baptist, but if I could be threatened, I would be.  It's scary to think he could be president, and then he'd be looking back at people's tweets to see who wrote them, and he might cut my head off (he believes in torture).

I'm not voting for Donald Trump.  My conscience just won't allow me.  You might interpret that as my having a very scrupulous conscience.  You would be right.  Instead, I'm pulling the lever for Junior Samples.  If "Your Conscience" were running, I'd vote for him, and I still might vote for him or at least "My Conscience."  My conscience stays completely silent, purrs like a pigeon with bread crumbs, when I consider my vote for Junior Samples.   On the other hand, my conscience twists and spins and screams like a Harley at even a whiff of a thought of voting for Donald Trump, mainly because of, of course, my hypersensitive morality.  I have a moral gag reflex to Trump that whiplashes me into major vertebrae damage.  When the light came on, Pavlov's dog salivated, and when Trump comes on, I dismount in the crunch position.

Boris Johnson, prominent British politician who favored Brexit, said, "I have as much chance of becoming Prime Minister as of being decapitated by a frisbee or of finding Elvis."  Junior Samples has an exponentially less chance of being president than Johnson does being Prime Minister, but I've got to make a major, huge point about how much I'm against immorality with my vote.

Don't read into this too much, but here's the point.  My morality says a few things.  One, blow up the Republican party, salt it like the Romans did Carthage, napalm it so that nothing will grow for millennia.  Two, dare Hillary to become president, two terms, three terms, constitutional amendment for more terms even, whatever it takes to teach Republicans a lesson they won't forget.  Three, for good measure, get a Supreme Court with, I don't know, seven liberal justices, two conservative just to watch them suffer -- blow torch gun rights, the right to life, property rights, whatever, important protections of rights, right out of the constitution, turn that document into so many hot fudge sundaes, just so that people will know how seriously we ("I am") are against immorality.

I so hate the immorality of Donald Trump that I could almost vote for Hillary, but only to show him, actually show me, but you get what I mean -- show everyone, me.  I can't vote for Hillary though.  I can make sure she wins the election with the hyper morality of the deniability that I actually caused it.  I didn't vote for her.  "Did you vote for her?" they'll ask.  I'll say, "No."  No way.  No.  I wouldn't do that.  I didn't cause that.  Nope.   She's president and my conscience is intact.  Yesirree.  Bill in the White House again, elevating the racketeering an embarrassment even to banana republics.  Not my fault though.  I didn't vote for her.

As I foresee my crucible of the ballot box in November, in reality my absentee 95 thesis on the Wittenberg kitchen table several weeks earlier, I can't very well say I'm glad that I've got several months to keep telling you how morally repulsed I am, except that I am.  I just can't say it.  You'll know it though....and know it and know it and know it.  And I'll keep telling you long after Hillary and Bill Clinton are president -- through every form of moral social media Mark Zuckerberg has ever invented.
*Term taken from this article.  I hadn't thought of the term, but it fits something I've seen perfectly.


Jeff Voegtlin said...

Hey Kent,

What do you think of this guy's take on the presidential race? I think I get where you are coming from here, but then, I read stuff like this.., and it seems believable.



Kent Brandenburg said...


Here's what I think. We had a primary. Trump won. That is who the Republicans voted for. Of course a genuine believer doesn't like Trump's immorality. He also knows that 90% of men 19 and under, before marriage, have fornicated. That is the American electorate. These are people who would do worse than Trump if they had his money. Taking a stand on that, sort of the ship sailed. I get it, but let's be real here. We can stand against immorality, but doing it by putting Hillary in office, that is moral narcissism.

Having the losers manipulate the delegates is evil. It is rigging the game. Trump would be even with Hillary right now, if the Republicans would start getting behind him. He would also likely say less ridiculous things that anger them. Romney, the Mormon in the special underwear, who believes Jesus is a spirit brother to Satan, he didn't have to jump through these hoops. The other Republicans cause doubt. Trumps numbers are affected by this opposition, and they then become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We don't support, he does badly, and then we say he can't win. He looks better in the battlegrounds right now -- with some of the worst stuff I've seen coming from Republicans. We need to treat people like he can beat her.

When I started writing about this earlier and I thought in a principled way, others dragged it into the mud, so that the point I was making was missed. They sabotaged my posts (including someone very close to me and our blog :-D ), ignoring the point I was making. People needed to be prepared for this new paradigm, one in which you reject the morality of the candidate and even some of his positions. I don't think it's a pattern for the future. Trump didn't do well because of that. Everyone knows that. We don't have to prove how moral we are by allowing Hillary to win.

I would way rather write about straight biblical and theological issues, but I can't fathom Hillary and Bill in the White House. Please no. If they make it, I really do believe it will be Republicans who caused it. I know they will say the ones who voted for Trump, but again, that is already over. That was just going to happen. People need to now get over it and get on the train for the sake of defeating her/him/shim/them.

Anonymous said...

I am also very frustrated with the Hillary vs. Trump standing of this election. Obviously I can't vote for Hillary, but I have recently settled on very strong reason to not vote for Trump. I would love to hear some thoughts on this...

Donald Trump has made a key part of his presidential platform the rejection of a religious group, to the extent of barring them from immigrating. This is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment promise for freedom of religion. This should strike home for all Baptists that have studied history. How can we vote for someone who has openly denied the doctrine of Individual Soul Liberty?

Any thoughts others have on this would be greatly appreciated.

Gary said...


Your reply to Jeff is confusing to me. Could you state in simple terms whether or not you are voting for Trump. You said you weren't in your original post but then seemed to back track in your reply. I am a never ever Trumper for the reasons you stated in your post, plus a lot more. I'm writing in Ted Cruz and doing so with a clear conscience.

Kent Brandenburg said...


I'm thinking about not having comments to this post and just leaving it as it is. I'm on the road, actually in Louisiana right this moment, and will be in Colorado starting this Saturday. I've got to think through whether I can get into a prolonged discussion on this, since I'll be away from the computer a lot. If I don't comment or answer a comment, that's why for now. Besides Gary, did anyone think I was actually calling myself the most moral person in the world? I mean that in the least possible disrespectful way to Gary.

A good discussion could be on the conscience and its relationship to voting for president of the United States. I would like to hear an in depth presentation of how working towards a Hillary win in the presidential election could match up with a good conscience. I would print a respectful dealing with it. Someone must keep it to the specific role of the conscience, not cut and pastes about how bad Trump is, because we know how bad he is. That has been passed out for months from every news source in the United States on an ongoing basis, as they have been doing with President Obama and Hillary Clinton -- oops, not the last two, I retract that.

SCH said...

Suggestion: Out of respect for Kent, why don't we all just be quiet until he returns to the keyboard? I've been challenged by this post as I think all should be. I'd like to respectfully make some somewhat defensive observations to Kent and have him explain his thinking. Please be deserving of a comments. Why do some subjects so easily end in mud-rasslin'?