Friday, June 17, 2016

Free Flight to Europe, Biblical Evangelism, Odds and Ends

In this post, I will cover a variety of miscellaneous items, one of which (not necessarily the most important one) is how to get a flight to Europe free, for your missionaries, your family, and so on, and which I have mentioned in the title to this post.

1.) A number of people have asked me about printing good tracts.  The one here is, in my opinion (which may be biased since I wrote it, but it meets Scriptural criteria, such as those laid out by Pastor Brandenburg here, for a Biblically sound tract), good.  You can see that it can be made to look sharp below:

To personalize it for use in your church, you can contact a Baptist printing ministry (e. g., here, here, or here) or a local printer in your area.  Why pass out tracts that are philosophically "1-2-3, pray after me, 4-5-6, hope it sticks" when you can pass out something better?  Dr. Paul Chitwood in his doctoral dissertation on an aspect of evangelistic methodology notes that tracts in the 1800s were much more detailed than the typical ones used today--even ones used before around the 1960s were much better than those generally employed later.  Do you think that is because we have become more Scriptural in our evangelism?

2.) A number of months ago I had the privilege of debating Dan Barker, President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the largest atheist organization in the United States, on the question of whether the Old Testament was fiction or fact, at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, in a debate sponsored by our church's campus ministry, as well as the campus philosophy club and the Secular Student Alliance (affiliated with the FFRF).  I believe that the debate went very well, and if the debate video is not available by the time this post is published, it should be, Lord willing, soon thereafter, at the link here.  In relation to this debate, I could use some help.  Having the debate transcribed will help search engines find it--and will, as a result, lead a great many more skeptics, atheists, agnostics, and other unbelievers find the debate, where their atheist evangelist had his nonsense soundly refuted.  Transcribing the debate is not that hard--you just listen to the audio and type.  There may even be computer programs that can help with this, although trying to fix where they make mistakes may be more time-consuming than helpful.  One of the saints had volunteered to do the transcription, but after doing about the first hour of the debate, the person just stopped doing it. There is only about an hour of the transcription left to do.  If you have a church member that would be willing to help with this, please have this person contact me by clicking here, and I can get the debate audio to you.  I believe this would be a very useful work for advancing the kingdom, and anyone who can type--whether old or young, healthful or not-so-much, could help with it.  (I would like to have the gospel video that we are working on, called "The Most Important Message," transcribed also, if someone wanted to do that.)

3.) If you wish to get a missionary your church sent out or supports a trip to Europe, or be a blessing to your pastors, or take a nice family trip, or send a young person on a missions trip, a free ticket to Europe certainly can help--"free" is much better than "expensive."  How can you do this?
      A.) Sign up for Air Berlin's frequent flier program by clicking here, and make sure that you accept that you will receive their e-mail newsletter.  (You can cancel it after you get the first e-mail, but you need to sign up in order to get the 1,000 miles.)

     B.) You can also sign up by clicking here.  (In either case, you can change the webpage to "English" if it comes up in German--look at the top right.)

        C.) By doing steps "A" or "B," you will earn 1,000 Air Berlin frequent flier miles.

        D.) You can then refer your friends.  For the first friend you refer, you will earn 500 more miles--while your friend earns 1,000--as long as your friend agrees to receive the Air Berlin e-mail newsletter.  (Your friends can also use my links on this page, but then, while they will get the 1,000 miles, you will not get 500 more.  If you use the links here then I (or my wife for letter "B") will be your referral and will get the 500 extra miles)

      E.) You can refer up to 10 friends a year--after the first one, you get 1,000 miles for each friend who signs up.
      F.) Thus, for referring 10 friends, you would get 9,500 miles.  Adding the 1,000 you received for signing up, you would have a very easy 10,500 Air Berlin miles!  That is enough for a one-way ticket within Europe.  If your spouse, or brother, or sister, does the same, you would, together, have enough miles for a ticket from the United States to Europe! (See their award chart here--and note that sometimes they have special discounts to make flights cost even fewer miles. For example, in a recent sale one could fly to Europe from Los Angeles for only 12,500 miles.)

     G.) I believe that this is an easy way to get a free ticket to Europe.  Furthermore, missionaries in other parts of the world, such as Africa or the Middle East, may have significantly cheaper flights from Europe to their countries of service than if they flew directly from the United States.  (This method of flying to Europe for free was originally published here.)

4.) I would like to do a public debate with a major figure who takes the anti-repentance position of the Sword of the Lord under Curtis Hudson, or of one of the Bible colleges in the Hyles orbit.  If you know of a pastor of such a Bible college, a professor at an anti-repentance/anti-Lordship school, or someone else of similar character who would be willing to do such a debate, please feel free to contact him to ask, and have him contact me, and we will get it set up.  I would love to do something like:

"The lost must repent, that is, turn from their sins, or they will perish eternally."

Affirm:  Thomas Ross
Deny:  The other person

As far as I can see, while there are "Baptist" Bible colleges pumping out the vile heresy that denies the proposition above, and the Sword promotes it, and many other organizations, such as the King James Bible Research Council, do not take a stand against it, not one of its advocates has done a public debate with an advocate of the Biblical and Baptist doctrine of repentance, that is, of the true gospel


Chris Gable said...
I'd love to see someone debate Stephen Anderson...Mr. "Repentance Blacklist" himself

KJB1611 said...

Dear Bro Gable,

I would not mind debating Steve Anderson, but I don't know if he is worth the time. He creates a lot of You Tube videos, but that does not mean that anyone is taking him seriously. I would prefer Shelton Smith, for example. Also, since Anderson harps on this issue all the time, he has a lot of stuff out there on the subject, and I do not really want to have to take the time to listen to or read all his ridiculous nonsense on repentance.