Friday, September 11, 2015

Upcoming Courses for Men Training for the Ministry and Others in Your Church

At Mukwonago Baptist Church we are going to be offering two new courses in the relatively near future, Lord willing.

1.) The second semester of 1st year Hebrew will be offered.  You can watch the first semester videos or enroll here.  We are going to be going at a relatively leisurely pace, so that while the same material is covered as when I taught 1st year Hebrew in seminary in two nine-week blocks (Fall and Spring), we are going to be going a bit more slowly, which will be easier.  There are at least two Baptist Bible colleges/seminaries that have expressed interest in the course.  Perhaps it could be a help to you or people in your church.  After all, God wrote about 75% of His Word in Hebrew.

2.) We are also going to be offering a course on Biblical Manuscript Evidence / Texts and Versions.  The theological position from which the course will be taught is the confession of faith here.  Students should both have their knowledge of the history of the text and their faith in God's pefect preservation of His Word strengthened.  As more details arise, you will be able to get course material, watch the class videos, etc. by following the appropriate link from the site here.

3.) We are also planning to offer 2nd year Hebrew, 1st semester, where we will do detailed studies of Hebrew syntax for the purpose of developing expository sermons.

4.) Another complete seminary level course with videos and lectures that is online is Trinitarianism, available here.  This latter course is not going to be taught again in addition to the courses above, but it is available for all right now.

If you or people in your church want more information about any of these classes, you can get inquiries answered by contacting Mukwonago Baptist Church or getting in touch with me directly.

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