Thursday, March 15, 2012

Writing a Blog 'Nat

I've been blogging since 2005, as you can see in my right hand column.  The audience is bigger than ever for those wondering, thinking that it's probably shrunk.  I've truly had no strategy for keeping readers, except to keep writing.  And I don't write for the readers.  I write whatever it is that I want to write at the time.  If I'm not motivated to write it, it won't get written.  And I'm usually motivated to write something now about twice a week.  Thomas Ross fills the other slot.

Sometimes I do write when I'm not motivated.  That happened on Monday.  I didn't have anything left to say, but I hadn't really finished that series, so I actually labored through a blog post, which I don't like to do.  Very few times have I ever written here on something I wasn't interested in writing about.  Monday was one of them.   And I would say that it showed.  But it does happen occasionally.

So what's coming up here.  I have a few series that I've never finished that I'm still interested in writing about.  I started to write a series over at Jackhammer, entitled, Why I'm Not a Calvinist.  It was the last thing ever written over there.  I'll probably cross post the first two here again and start up that series, because I have rarely, almost never written about that here.

What else?  I'm going to write on Maranatha's new promotional video.  Somebody challenged me to do it, and I've got something to say there.  I'll finish the series on Applying Holiness.  I want to write some more about evangelism, what I think churches should be doing, based on Scripture.   I started a series in January and wrote two or three on Schemes That Avoid Consequences Scripture Guarantees for True Followers of the Lord.  I think I'll be motivated to keep doing that.  One thing I know I want to write is my present thinking about sending your kids to college.  I've got one in his third year and another on her way, as she graduates this May.

Then 'Nat.  I worked for someone who ended half his sentences with 'Nat.  I want you to clean the bathrooms 'nat.  Then make sure you sweep those steps 'nat.  Then punch out when you're done 'nat.  He became in mind as Mr. 'Nat.

This year is a book year.  We are finishing the first book out of our Word of Truth Conference.  It is coming along, entitled A Pure Church.  I suspect, since it already has 205 single space 8 x 11 pages, that those will translate to 3-400, I guess.  It's a biblical theology of ecclesiastical separation.  Thomas Ross will have a book hopefully out, entitled Heaven for the Baptized?  It's a refutation of baptismal regeneration.  I think it will be best you will have seen on that subject.  And I hope my book on dress will come out.  I wrote it awhile ago, but it is unpublished and generally not seen by human eyes.   We'll start to write another book for our Word of Truth Conference.  We've decided to write a book a year now.  And I'll be letting you know what this year's conference is about soon.  We haven't started writing our chapters, but we will be writing all of them for this one year, and putting out a book, if we follow through with the plan,  June of every year.  The separation book will come out this year in June.

I'm leaving tomorrow night out East to teach Greek for a week, stopping in New York to spend three days with my son and see what his first car will be.  I'll be doing other work too.  I hate Kentucky basketball, but they're my pick for the NCAA tournament.  It's not like it's that hard to pick Kentucky this year.  But I think this year is John Calipari's year.  His tournament futility reminds me of Roy Williams' at Kansas.  It's the best of two worlds.  If he wins, my prediction was true.  If he doesn't, I'll be happy.  Who do I want to win?  Our local team, California, lost the play-in game tonight, I noticed.  Does that make it a play-out game?  And so we've got St. Mary's, which is 30 minutes from my house in Moraga.  My daughter has been accepted there for college, but we haven't decided where she will go yet.  But I hope they win it all.  I don't think they'll get past Purdue though, a university that I grew up about 45 minutes away from.



Bill Hardecker said...

If your books are anything like TSKT and Sounding Brass, please keep on writing! BTW, You didn't mention anything about TSKT II - the historical side and application of the Perfect Preservation view. Is that still in the mix?

Steve Rogers said...

Bro. Brandenburg,

Looking forward to the book on separation. I'm thinking of having a Bible Institute class just on that doctrine. Also would like to get your take on the MBBC promo video. I have already viewed it, and as a pastor and former student, I've contacted Bro. Marriot and expressed my disapproval. I will say however, that this is what fundamentalism breeds. Things in the video such as music, dress, accredidation are all non-essentials. Like to hear your take.

Anonymous said...

Bro. Brandenburg,

I was wondering why the Jackhammer blog went quiet?

Jim Camp

Kent Brandenburg said...

Hi Jim,

Not enough writing to keep it going. Too much real life things happening. I still write here, so it's fine for me.