Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Questions About Ecclesiastical Separation

Hello Reader.

This Wednesday to Sunday we are holding our third annual Word of Truth Conference.  Tonight we started with preaching from Pastor Bobby Mitchell of Mid-Coast Baptist Church of Brunswick, Maine.  We have sessions on Thursday through Saturday mornings and preaching on Thursday and Friday nights and then Sunday morning.

On Sunday evening we have our panel discussion.  These first three years the conference has been on the doctrine of ecclesiastical separation.  The panel discussion involves the pastors answering questions.  Do you have questions you would like to ask about ecclesiastical separation?  I'm going to open up this blog for readers to present questions they would like to have answered.  If you have a particular question you would like to hear answered, ask it in the comment section along with your name and the city you are from.   The panel at this year's Word of Truth conference will answer questions that you submit.

The panel discussion will be available afterwards in both audio and video, so you might hear your question and your name on the audio and video of the panel discussion.


Jonathan Speer said...

I have a multi-part question:

1: What was the purpose and function of the position of an apostle?

2: What are the implications of the cessation of apostleship on the roles of individuals, institutions, or associations/fellowships who seek influence or authority beyond their own local assembly?

3: Is there any scriptural model or example in the scriptures for churches to be influenced by or beholden to any source outside of God via His word in our day.

If so, please explain how this authority is to be recognized.

See the definitions of "influence" and "authority" below.

***IN'FLUENCE, n. [L. influens, influo, to flow in; in and fluo, to flow.]

(Websters 1828 Dictionary online @,influence)

***AUTHOR'ITY, n. [L. auctoritas.]

(Websters 1828 Dictionary online @,authority)

Jon Gleason said...

If the church is local only, isn't every church separated from every other church, anyway?

What is the point of even talking about ecclesiastical separation, from an LCO position?

Jonathan Speer said...

I just listened to the responses that were put up on Youtube and wanted to say thanks for answering my questions.

Bobby Mitchell said...


I'm thankful for the questions. They provoked me in a good way. It was a blessing to participate.

Bobby Mitchell