Monday, October 25, 2010

Something Almost Everyone Knows, But What Almost All Multiple Version People Must Deny

Read this article in a secular newspaper about what multiple versions are doing to people's trust in Scripture.


B Greene said...

Pastor Brandenburg,

Thanks for the link. I will be sharing this with our folks tomorrow night. Have never commented before, but read the blog regularly. It is very helpful and I appreciate your insight.

Bryan Greene

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Pastor Greene.

d4v34x said...

Oddly, Leland Ryken, who I must surmise is a E/CTer, agrees with you(?).

Wayne said...

Very intereting and useful article! I notice Leland Ryken pops up again in Christianity Today article: 'Good News Glut' and it is a comment to remember as he, a member of the ESV translation commitee, refers to the 'confusion' caused by the proloferation of bible versions and we all know who is the real author of confusion. So it is an interesting comment to use when speaking with those who recommend multi-versionism, that there are some seeking ONE common Bible version for the English speaking church even amongst those who reject the KJV! So why not they too!!


I find it interesting that many who use modern versions spend much time denigrating the AV, yet when asked to point to the best and most accurate and reliable translation they will offer the NASB; ESV or even NKJV, but rarely answer with one particular version, or critique any other modern version as 'any' seem to do... except the AV!

It seems many though are pushing the ESV to be the common bible following e.g. John Piper, " I am simply arguing that the ESV is the best balance available of readability and literalness. I hope that it becomes the standard for the church" (a man who has jettisoned a number of versions and who is to say that one day soon he will find yet another new version to even supercede his ESV).

J I packer as general editor of the ESV re-edited one of his books in an alarming manner, we should all make ourselves familair with the following: J I Packer and ‘Mother’ Teresa.

We certainly can't trust Packer!

I have enjoyed reading your blog and the worthy defence of the KJV. Thank you! Every Blessing.

Don Johnson said...

First, those who are confused could no doubt just be simply ignorant closet unbelievers without the plethora of versions, no? So the confusion may expose serious spiritual problems. That would be a good thing.

Second, don't look for this to change. It only underscores the responsibility of pastors to thoroughly disciple their people. I am going to use this article this coming Sunday to challenge our people regarding their Biblical literacy.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Bloggenburg,

Too bad Christians in the last century didn't heed the command to "meddle not with them that are given to change."

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 24:21 has nothing to do with changing Bible versions. Let's apply that same verse then to pre 1611. We can just continually argue that we will never change anything. I use and highly value the kjv, but it begins to get frustrating to continually read comments and articles that misuse Scripture to back up a belief.

bzemeski said...

Brother Kent, where can this article be found as it is no longer at the Kansas web site?