Sunday, September 26, 2010

Evangelical and Fundamentalist Cultural Engagement 1


Charles E. Whisnant said...

Tell me its not true: This was what was in front of your church on Bring in the Unchurch Sunday.

d4v34x said...

God help us if, because of the way we run our children's programs, our kids see church as another place to be amused, or, worse be amused by God. I know you're trying to make a larger point here, and I'm increasingly with you on it.

Scott Aniol, in one of his articles over at Religious Affections, makes another good point, we fundies/IFBs train our kids to hunger after entertainment in church by the way we conduct our kids programs. No wonder many leave us for the rock concert churches.

philipians2511 said...


Very excellent point! I hear it often that we must entertain and amuse our children in Church. I was taught in a lesson in how to preach to teens that we must amuse them and act out the scriptures in a way that engages and attracts/keeps their attention?!

How will they ever sit still while listening to an expository sermon?

D4, if you don't mind and if you remember the article would you please provide the link?

Respectfully Submitted

Br Steve

Gal. 2.20

d4v34x said...

It was this series, part three, I think. But the whole thing is good.

Bro. Brandenburg also has some culture articles linked on the side of this blog.

Stephen said...

Looks like fun. Is it big enough for adults or big Baptist preachers?