Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Our friend Jack Lamb is uploading the audio from the WORD OF TRUTH CONFERENCE (Nov 11-15, 2009) on to the conference website. This might take a little while, but the first teaching session is up. It is actually the third session of the four teaching sessions, the one on Romans 16:17-18 with Pastor David Sutton from our church. By tomorrow morning we will have the evening panel discussion uploaded for you to listen to.


Bobby Mitchell said...

Brother Brandenburg,

I am happy that you have put the messages online. Brother Sutton's teaching was a tremendous help and I intend to listen to it even though I already heard it live at the meeting. I think the panel discussion will be a help to people. As folks listen to my presentation I pray that the Lord will be glorified and believers will be strengthened.

The meeting was a great encouragement and I hope to attend every year, whether I'm preaching or not, if the Lord wills.

Bethel Baptist Church is to be commended for such a tremendous effort. I believe the Lord was honored and His people were edified.

Pastor Dave said...

Brother Brandenburg,

I am listening now to the messages as I have time. I am very interested in this subject. Thank you for sharing it on the blog.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Pastor Mitchell and Pastor Dave,

Thanks. I am happy we have the audio and we'll keep adding as we receive it from the sound folks.

Pastor Dave said...

Amen, "sound folks" is what we all are wanting in our churches!

philipian2511 said...

The messages are fantastic. Thanks Br Brandenburg for hosting the conference and Br Lamb for making them available.

Is there any chance one could buy a remaining syllabus?

Respectfully Submitted

Bro Steve

Gal. 2:20

Joshua said...

Thank you very much for putting these sermons up. I've listened to the four that are there and I found them to be a great blessing. I had never heard Pastor Mitchell preach before, nor Pastor Sutton, and both were fascinating.

The panel discussion was particularly valuable. I do love the Scriptures, but when you haven't really seen much of it in practise it is very valuable to hear how it has been applied in your ministries.

Thank you very much for having this conference, and please thank your soundmen in a subtle way that hints that others are keen to hear the rest of their recordings...