Friday, November 13, 2009

Spirit Band at West Point

Notice the trombone right in the middle (with the music).


bhardecker said...

Fascinating...On to victory! Great spirit, great talent. I also like the mule. The "Army Fight Song" is in my head.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kent,

Long time no see! Went by the old webpage and saw your blog so I signed on to say hello. My family and I are still up in Yuba County. We're doing well as the Lord will allow. Jenna is going to Yuba County College wanting to be a nurse and Allison is in 10th grade. (she is thinking Air Force but we'll see) lol! Gwen is working at a furniture store. I still work in Richmond (believe it or not) Been attending church in Yuba City (Jen attends as well when she can) called Freegrace Baptist. They use the KJV but not for the same reason you and I would. It is very conservative and the Pastor seems quite sober minded about his resposibility. They do street preaching so we'll see how I do lol! Anyway hope all is well with you and the family. Glad to see Kirk is at Westpoint. Would like to discuss marriage & divorce matters with you sometime since you and I are on the same page.(if you would like to) Unless your understanding has differed? Our day and age has given a backseat to putting marriage first and for keeps. Hope Kirk doesn't get too much flak at the Academy and I will keep him in prayer. Regards to you and yours.

Alvin Gallegos