Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big 50: Dad and Mom

Yesterday my parents had been married for 50 years. On Monday, I was getting in the church van and my dad walked to the window, and he told me he didn't want us doing anything for them, that he would be leaving early Friday and going somewhere, that he had someplace reserved. I said somewhat indifferently: "OK." My brother Kris, his wife and their four children, and my sister Kim, her husband and their seven children, all flew in Thursday. My mom wasn't feeling up to leaving anywhere, so they were going out to eat as a fill-in with us. My family pulled up in the limo and knocked on the door to their little apartment. Each family member gave her a pink rose. They had their first limo ride ever. We arrived at the church building. They walked in to a dressed up auditorium of tables, decorated for their 50th anniversary. People clapped, they got pictures, and they sat down. Then I announced there was a special guest and my sister walked out, followed about every thirty seconds by a grandchild and finally her husband Bart. They were shocked! That wasn't all. I announced one more special guest. My brother walks out. They were doubly surprised. Then all the grandchildren and finally his wife Gretchen.

Everyone hugged. Lots of tears and emotion. People clapped. Then there was a tremendous tri-tip steak meal, prepared by our church. We had a cake-cutting. My brother's daughter, Maddy, wrote a poem for them. The ladies sang. We had a violin duet from two of my daughters, Julia and Natalie, very nice, the Lover's Waltz, accompanied by my son on the piano. I gave a powerpoint presentation of their life. We closed with the whole family, 21 of them, singing "Lord, Keep Our Home."

Anyone reading who had a part, thank you. If you sent a card to them, thank you. We had a great time. Everyone is leaving on Tuesday, so we have a few more days.

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Ed and Margaret said...

It was a blessed event. I was happy that we were in attendence. It is also a blessing to See that all their children are serving the Lord. Many more for the Both of you. We love you and you are truely a blessing to us. It was wonderful.