Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Multi-Dimensional Sunday Post

Perhaps tomorrow I'll come back with a full post on one subject, or maybe this is my Monday post -- we'll see.

Not necessarily in this order, first, my post on politicians and evolution did not bring much of a response.  Fine.  However, I liked something like what Mat wrote in his comment.  I thought that was very good.  So what do you think of evolution, Mr. Politician?

Mr. Questioner, I don't think we got here by accident.  That's not a good answer for man's existence.  Everything has a cause.  I see writing in the sand and I don't assume it appeared from waves lapping the seashore, and human beings are more complicated than sand writing. I think it would be horrible if someone were disqualified from office or even hindered, because he believed in the biblical record of creation, don't you? Especially since we find creation in the Declaration of Independence as the origination of our rights as American citizens.  Do you want to talk about being endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights?  Or do you reject the Declaration?

I'm going to stick with that as my answer for now.  I wish politicians prepared themselves to put the media on the defensive.

Second, out of the blue someone named Gary decided it was time for him to foist his atheism on this blog.  He wasn't reacting to anything in particular we wrote, but he started leaving comments unrelated to the posts under which he typed them.  Gary revealed that he had already invaded a hundred blogs before he arrived at ours.

I marvel at the Bible's having already pegged Gary again and again.  He appears in accordance with its own understanding.  As he refutes the Bible, he validates it.  It's as if he's auditioning for a role in the Bible and wins the part.

Gary did me a service.  He gave me some thoughts for future blog posts.  I don't fathom the questions he asks, but they're out there, and I want to give the best answer to some of them.  He doesn't have a point, but attacks the ocean of evidence for God with a spoon, and I'll examine some of his spoonfuls.

Third, we saw my son Kirk before his first deployment.  He's a first lieutenant in the army out of Fort Carson, and we saw him off last week.  Pray for his spiritual sustenance and continued obedience to God in difficult circumstances.  (Kirk is single and has no life's partner candidates at this time, but we are open to whatever possibilities the Lord has for us, if you think you can be of help there.)


Joshua said...

If that is Gary the former Lutheran you are talking about there then he absolutely is a 100% fulfilment of the Bible. He is the very definition of 2 Peter 2.

I remember using his posts as an example for my wife. She read 2 Peter 2. Then she read Gary's comments. Then she got down to where Thomas told him he was holding to a soul-damning Lutheran heresy and she said "oh wow that's a bit rough..." I said "keep reading", so she pushed on until he manifested in full blown atheism. To say Thomas was vindicated was an understatement.

I could not have fabricated a more textbook fulfilment of the Scriptures if I had tried. I'm going to track that post down and bookmark it for future reference. Even in his rebellion he proves the utter perfection of the Scriptures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kent. Yours was good response, too. The point is we ought not to sit back and allow them to back us into a corner when we have the truth on our side. They have become "vain in their imaginations". Humanism is truly a religion that should be exposed for its embarrassing problems, but instead we run scared. I am continually blessed by your insights here, Kent (and Thomas). God Bless.


Dave Barnhart said...

Is it difficult for you to change the posting times for comments to show dates as well? It's somewhat difficult to follow the train of messages (like some of the comments you are referring to here) when the amount of time in between the comments can be either very small or very large.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Joshua and Mat.


I'll look into that.

Dave Barnhart said...

Thanks! It's not a big deal if you can't, but it would be very handy.