Monday, October 08, 2012

Two Scoops: Word of Truth, 2012, and Romney

7-11.  No, not the convenience store.  But go ahead and take a Big Gulp of the following. Those are the dates of this years Word of Truth Conference --- November 7-11 ---Wednesday to Sunday.  As is normal with our Word of Truth, we will have sessions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning on the new book theme:  I-Magination:  The God of Truth Replaced in an Age of Apostasy.  We're going to take two years to finish this book as opposed to the three years of the last book, A Pure Church.   There are three parts to the book, and, therefore, the conference.  We have an outline, but the essence of it is what causes it, what it looks like, and what would solve it.  People everywhere are wondering about the steep downward slide in this country, and this book will give a scriptural answer.

At the conference we will have these sessions:  Imaginations (Me), Technology (Dave Mallinak), Social Networking (Dave Mallinak), Doubt Versus Certainty (Bryan Greene), Salesmanship Versus Evangelism (Bobby Mitchell), Consumerism Versus Stewardship (Gary Webb), Pampering Versus Parenting (Dave Sutton), and then the Cure (Erich McCandless).  More of these kinds of sessions will be held in 2013 as well, ending with a book around June 2014.

Let us know if you're coming!  It's beautiful in Northern California in early November.


We've had some opposition to my initial Romney post, so let me reset on this one, give it another shot.  There are people that see themselves as more greatly principled and superior in their vote, if they (a) don't vote, (b) vote for a third party candidate who won't get any more than point five to one percent of the vote, and (c) their guy isn't a Mormon or a "centrist" or a "moderate" or a RINO or the like.  One commenter even said I was a "fool" for voting for Romney.  Good stuff.  I want to break this down with some fundamentals.

First, what is the purpose of government?  It is to reward (praise) good and punish evil.  Government gets that authority from God.  This is in Romans 13:1-7.  We want the most possible reward of good and punishment of evil.

Second, what kind of government do we have or at least do our documents say we have?  We are a republican form of government, so we are a representative form of government.  You are not the only one voting.  Many are.  The one elected is the one with the most votes (I know they are electors but you know what I'm talking about), whether you like it or not.  We are federalist, that is, the power not delegated to the federal government by we the people through the constitution and its amendments is reserved by the states.   Government is divided between federal and state government.

In so many ways, government (and power) is divided.  It is divided by voters, by states, by counties, by towns, and then by branches:  legislative, executive, and judicial.  And between the branches are checks and balances, on top of that.

Third, a couple of our early presidents don't seem to be Bible-believing Christians, and I would include in that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  They were commendatory of Jesus, but they didn't have a saving view of Him.  And it didn't get better as we moved along in history.

With all that in mind, nobody gets exactly what he wants.  That's how it is designed.  Even if all you want is great, you're not going to get what you want.  To get anything you want, you're going to vote for someone who takes positions you don't like.  You are not, and I repeat, you are not, choosing a pastor.  You've got to take the best person you can get and then work at helping the country like what you like.

I think I get the idea.  We should punish the Republicans for giving us Bush, McCain, and Romney.   The place you punish them, however, is called the primaries.  But if your guy still loses, you don't take your toys and go home or to a third party.  By doing so, you get someone worse.   And I don't happen to see the value of getting the worst candidate, so that in theory we get so bad that then everyone comes begging for your great candidate.  This is a very unlikely and unwise scenario.  What is more likely to happen is that you'll get someone even worse than the worst the next time around.  I think what people are expecting with that is that the really bad president, the worst, will chastise and punish the people, teach them a lesson, give them their comeuppance, and that's a quicker way to get your really great guy who can't get above 1% of the vote in a general election.

Government is not the solution to our problems.  With the government, the best you can do is the best you can do, with the emphasis on "can do."  Trying and failing every election doesn't help.  What you "can do" is help Romney become president.  He is better than Obama.  I've recounted those things to you in the first essay I wrote about this.

Another Obama presidency will be a disaster for the country.  If you vote for the third party or not vote at all, know this, you are hurting everyone by helping Obama get elected.  This might be a once in a lifetime and maybe a once in American history election.  Another four years of Obama could send us to a kind of place of no return, a tipping point --- easily this could happen.

When you vote for no one or a third party, you are helping Obama win.  You will get his reward of evil and punishment of good.  You will be part cause of that.  Know that.  When we get a liberal supreme court justice, you'll be a part of that contribution.  When the abortion laws stay lax or get laxer, you're responsible for that.  You'll be partly in charge of more homosexual marriages.  Yes, you.  These are things we know.  The government and people will become more evil, and you'll have a part in it.

Vote for Romney.  He's the only choice.


Here's a bonus.  We found Waldo in a West Point group of pictures, in a march before the Boston College-Army game.  Can you find Kirk, our son, in the picture below?


KJB1611 said...

Dear Pastor Brandenburg,

I agree with your post. I would just point out one thing--the only "reward" of the good mentioned in Romans 13 is "praise." The government is to execute wrath upon the evil with the sword, but it is only to "praise" the good, not actively do good--that is for the churches and the people.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Hi Thomas,

You are correct on "praise." I said "reward" only because I think of reward as "praise." I look at it as similar to parenting, behavior that is rewarded will recur, and rewarded behavior is praised behavior. I put in a (praise) next to reward to remind us of what we were talking about there. Praise is praise. I believe that. But I think of praise as the reward good government gives to good activity. When someone might think I meant something different. More could be said about that, but I'll leave it at that. Thanks!

Gary Webb said...

I went back to your first post on this to see who was calling you a "pragmatist" & read Carl's & Mat's posts. I skimmed their posts, so maybe I missed it, but I do not believe they told us who the pure candidate was. So, if they vote, they are pragmatists ... for there is no pure candidate. And, if they do not vote, they are sinning, because we should promote the most peaceful government in our society (I Timothy 2:1-2 plus James 4:17).

George Calvas said...

Very sound biblical principles. I used to vote based on the "best guy principle" no matter if he would ever win. That was not wise. The order that I use is as follows:

1> Character- How does his character fit biblical principles that include such things as integrity, values (abortion, marriage, etc), honesty, good report, etc.
2> Principles- How has he performed as a government offical following Romans 13 to oppose evil and praise the good.
3> Policies- How close does he follow the constitution, economy, Foreign policy, etc.

d4v34x said...

I believe the young man front and right has a fairly Brandenburgian profile.