Monday, June 21, 2010

YPSO in Alaska This Week

My two oldest daughters, Julia (furthest left) and Natalie (furthest right), left for Alaska today (along with Clarissa Sutton, second from left), arriving in Fairbanks tonight on the longest day of the year (that's pretty significant in Alaska---the sun barely sets). They will play a concert midweek along with the Fairbanks Youth Orchestra, travel down to Anchorage, stopping at the Denali National Park on the way. They will play on the Kenai Peninsula on Friday night and then in Anchorage with the Anchorage Youth Symphony on Saturday night.

Here are links I found with information about the tour:

Fairbanks Youth Orchestra

Alaskan Newspaper, Anchorage Daily News, Play

Alaska Center of the Performing Arts


Doug Dunderdale's YPSO Trip Blog (with pictures)

I'll add more to this post as some blogs and write-ups appear during and after the tour.

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Terry McGovern said...

Alaska is my stomping grounds! Great place to live. My home church is IBC of Anchorage. I was assistant pastor there for five years before coming to Papua New Guinea.

Your daughters will enjoy the scenery of Alaska. I have traveled all over the world, and Alaska is perhaps the most scenic.