Wednesday, January 09, 2008

California All State Band

My son, Kirk (11th grade), auditioned on trombone for the first time for the 2008 California All State Honor Band. This list will inform you as to whether he made it. He has already auditioned and made the CMEA All California Festival Band.


SJ Camp said...

Dear Kent:

Completely off topic here, but I didn't see an email listing for you and wanted to drop you a note of encouragement.

Thank you brother for your stance for the truth of God's Word recently in your comments at TeamPyro concerning the issue of the local church becoming like the world in its methods. You, Brian, Phil and a few others have been the biblical voice of reason in that somewhat dislocated thread of opinion.

Keep on; and may the God continue to honor your faithfulness to Christ and His Word.

Yours for the Master's use,
Steve Camp
2 Cor. 4:5-7

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Steve. I've been busy all day, Lord's day. I'm glad you see it the same way.