Tuesday, February 27, 2007


October 21-24, 2007
Bethel Baptist Church, El Sobrante, CA
Theme: The Purity of the Church---The Doctrine of Ecclesiastical Separation

This is the first year of this conference in honor of the 20th anniversary of our church. The conference will include seven speakers, two of them Pastor David Sutton and myself from Bethel Baptist Church. Five other pastors will preach. Between the seven of us, we will cover this doctrine in fourteen sessions, each 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours long. The conference will last from Sunday to Wednesday. Available will be a notebook with fill-in notes for every session. We will record in CD and DVD. Out of the conference a book will be published on The Doctrine of Ecclesiastical Separation. I will let you know more about the conference the closer we get.

The goal is to preserve and propagate the truth. Many of the sessions will be expositional messages on the ecclesiastical separation passages, explaining the text and making the appropriate application. Through all of this, we will get a Biblical Theology of Separation. Separation is a local church issue. The book that will culminate from the preparation for the preaching sessions will flesh out what the Bible says about keeping a church pure. Our goal is to understand, teach, and spread the message of Scripture on this doctrine.

Starting Monday evening, our church will supply meals for registered conference attendees. We will have supper that night and then breakfast, lunch, and supper Tuesday and Wednesday. The afternoons will be free for rest and some sightseeing. Registration for the conference will be free, but there will be a charge for the notebook, the CDs, and DVDs. We will be sending out materials for the conference some time in the near future, but if you are interested in receiving some, email us at betbapt@flash.net.


I have four children. Each of the children plays an instrument. Kirk (just turned 16) plays trombone and piano. Julia (12) plays violin and piano. Natalie (9) plays violin and piano. Gabi (6) so far plays just piano. My two oldest play in Berkeley Youth Orchestra, which is a hundred piece full symphonic orchestra. Natalie plays in Young People's Chamber Orchestra, a 30 piece string orchestra. Each year BYO holds a concerto competition. These are very good players, in several cases young people who go to full-time music schools, such as Crowden. Thirty four competed for three to play solo concerto with the full orchestra. One violin, one viola, and then my son, Kirk, won, he the first trombone player to ever win the concerto in the history of the orchestra. That concert will be on May 20 in the afternoon at Laney College in Oakland. He will play Concertino for Trombone, Op. 45 No. 7: I. Preludium: Allegro pomposo by Lars-Erik Larsson.

Yes, I'm happy about this. :)


Ed Bob said...

Praise the Lord for Kirk Bob.

Greg Linscott said...

Congrats to Dad & Mom!

Jeff Voegtlin said...


Both of them, actually.

Bobby Mitchell said...

Congratulations to Kirk.

Looking forward to the conference. I'm hoping to try one of those famous hamburger joints while I'm there. Is it called In n Out?

Cathy said...

Didn't Kirk win grand prize at the Fairhaven Preaching conference last year? My husband also plays trombone and he sat next to him in practice, he really enjoyed talking with your son.

Congrats to them

Terry McGovern said...


Your children must have inherited all there talent from their Mom. :)

Kent Brandenburg said...

I really do appreciate all these comments, and thank you. You really didn't have to, and the only thing I hate worse than you saying these things is if you hadn't said these things.

And Terry, I can reflect sunlight off my forehead and mangle words.

Terry McGovern said...


You are an example to bald men every where. If only other bald men would use their baldness to reflect the sun, how much better our world would be! Perhaps it would solve Global Dimming!

I think there is even a sermon in there! :)

Jeff Voegtlin said...

Who will the other five preachers be?

Do you have themes for the fourteen messages, or has each preacher been assigned particular passages?

Or is it none of my business :)

Just wondering,

Kent Brandenburg said...

It actually is everyone's business, and I will be announcing it, but I don't have all five. I have four. I will let everyone know. Yes, the fourteen chapters are set. I have not assigned them yet, but we have talked about them.

I will let everyone know on that.

Good questions.

Jerry Bouey said...

Don't worry, Brother Kent, God says it is okay to be bald:

Leviticus 13:40-41 And the man whose hair is fallen off his head, he is bald; yet is he clean. And he that hath his hair fallen off from the part of his head toward his face, he is forehead bald: yet is he clean.

One of my favourite teasing verses! ;)

P.S. My computer died a horrible death in November, but recently some friends fixed it for me and I got it back last week - now I am playing catch up on all my favourite blogs. Hope all has been well with you and your family and church. God bless.

Juan Carlos Asmat said...

Pastor, I'm so much looking forward to the conference and also very glad that Kirk won the concerto :)

Anonymous said...

Pastor B,
Just wanted to give my congrats to Kirk!! Also very excited that the Church is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Praise the LORD!!