Saturday, October 28, 2017

Bridal Shower

Today my oldest daughter had a surprise bridal shower and this photo was taken there with my mother, wife, and three daughters, or the Brandenburg ladies.  From left to right, you see Natalie, Karen, Julia (the bride), Bridget, and Gabi.

Unrelated, Christian News Network quoted me in a very recent article, entitled, "Beer Enthusiast’s New ‘Calvinist’ Film Brews Concern for Blending in ‘Young, Restless & Reformed’ Speakers."


James Bronsveld said...

I can see it already:

The article is about Calvinists
The article quotes Kent Brandenburg
Ergo, Kent Brandenburg is a Calvinist.

There goes your chance at speaking in front of the next Sword conference...

Tyler Robbins said...

I am disgusted by the YRR brand of Reformed Theology. I agree with Peter Masters.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Hi James,

Good logic. We use the Trinity Hymnal. I'm sure you know it. I notice how that the reformed people take out the revivalist doctrine of some of the Hymns sort of like the Sword edits out Spurgeon's Calvinism. Something I get a little chuckle from when I see it.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Tyler. Is the present pope Catholic? No. Are present Calvinists Calvinist? Maybe no too.

Tyler Robbins said...

Posted at SI. I'll be very interested to see if the majority of people like the neo-Reformed brand that Thorn (et al) advocate.