Friday, November 13, 2015

Word of Truth Conference 2015 -- Further Audio and Video

The Word of Truth Conference has 6 audio sessions up, and here is the page for the 2015 Conference.

Our conference also has video up for three sessions at our youtube station here.

Now read the newest post from Thomas Ross.

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George Calvas said...

Listened to Jerry Wilhite. What he said about the African people and the ministry there was absolutely true. I have been there seven times and I have encountered everything he has said, including lying, cheating and thievery. We just do not understand the depth of poverty and its effects in all areas of their lives that even the gospel has been perverted, especially by Charismatics.

But, I praise the Lord God for our faithful brethren, who love the Lord, are biblically literate and who are serving God with their lives.