Wednesday, April 18, 2012

College for Church Kids

I'll be coming back to the actual history of one Bible only, but it's a harder one to write and I'm lacking the extra time at the moment.  I'll also keep the 'why I'm not a Calvinist' series going, because I want to lay it out for public criticism.  I've wanted to write on the topic of this post, but I'm not going to finish it either---just get us started.


Growing up, I never heard of a Christian school.  Not until my dad took a college trip to check out potential Bible colleges to attend, had I heard of one.  He had studied at a church Bible institute in Danville, IL, and there he heard about the Christian college.  I went to public school from kindergarten to 6th grade and I didn't know anything different.  I didn't think about how that might change me as a person.  I heard and saw bad things there, but it was clear what living the Christian life in the middle of the world was, even as an elementary school student.

I remember that Covington High School put on Jesus Christ Superstar.  We all had to go to the performance during the day.  I sat through the entire performance with my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears and my head bowed.  I never looked up.  No one told me to do that.  That was what I thought of it on my own.  That was the instinct of my new nature.  My parents never told me to do that.

Right across the street from our school was the Trojan store, named after the Covington Trojans.  Because of the type of people who went in there, my dad told me never to cross the other side of the street.  He wasn't there to check on me, but I never did.  Some children might, but they didn't have to.

I was surrounded by unbelievers in those days, who were very knowledgeable of corrupt things.  But it never crossed my mind that I would participate in those or say the things they did.  Instead, as a 5th and 6th grader, I talked about Jesus all the time, put flyers for our church on the outside of my locker, and regularly brought kids to church.  That was normal for me then.  And I had never heard of a Christian school.  Neither was I some uninvolved nerd.  I started on our basketball team, which in an Indiana town was a big deal if you know anything about Hoosiers.  I was the manager on the jr. high football team, looking forward to playing football myself when I got to seventh grade.

Then we moved to Watertown and I started attending Calvary Baptist Christian School.  I have to be honest here.  There were problems at the Christian school that were worse for me than the public school.  There were worse influences at the Christian school than the public school I had attended.  When I got to a Christian high school, it was even worse.  I knew the public school was the world.   And that without anyone  telling me.  That's how the Holy Spirit works.  It's how I'm reporting it, because it is how He was working in my own life.

Fast forward to my own children.  I have four of them.  I went to Bible college.   Many young people in our church have gone to Bible college.  My oldest two will not be attending a Bible college or a Christian university.  Kirk is in his third year at West Point, the United States Military Academy.  We have decided with our oldest daughter, Julia, that she will be living at home and attending California State University--East Bay.  She graduates this year from our school.

I'll get into the nuts and bolts on this in the next installment.


Alyssa H. said...

Bro. Brandenburg, I'm so glad you're writing about this subject. When I was younger (13-14) I just assumed I would attend a Christian college to study music. A little later my family moved to Maine and started attending MidCoast Baptist Church and I learned otherwise. Now I live at home and attend a community college, still studying music! I'm so grateful for the teaching I had on this topic and unfortunately it isn't taught enough!

Bobby Mitchell said...

Alyssa, I praise the Lord you are a faithful and thriving member of a NT church instead of in a worldly Christian College.. I'm happy the Lord used us to influence you concerning this.

Pastor Bobby

Gary Webb said...

Brother Brandenburg,
Glad you are writing on this. Our 2 oldest children both went one year to Bible colleges, but they then both came home & finished their "higher education" in nearby schools. Our third child is a freshman at one of the state universities & lives at home (we would never put them in a dorm). This is the course our church young people are following. They get their spiritual training from the institutions God designed - the church & the home - while preparing to make a living in the world. Looking forward to what else you have to say.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks for all the comments. I'll be writing more.

Someone else posted a comment and somehow it got lost. I don't think I deleted it, so if you could repost the comment, that would be great. This has only happened two or three times, since I've had the blog, so it is a rarity. Sorry about that. It was anonymous.

If you don't come back and comment, I remember reading something about not sending someone to a school influenced by Horace Mann, etc. I think most Christian schools model themselves after public schools, so almost all schools today, except for home-schools are copying something of a Horace Mann, etc. model.