Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who Is Killing Who? The Real Issues in the Trayvon Martin Situation

We don't want murder.  We want to protect life.  If the real issue is keeping more people alive, then media and popular culture are missing with their emphasis on the Trayvon Martin death.   First, do we want to protect more life, to keep more people alive?  Second, are we interested in keeping more black people alive?  If that is truly what people wanted here, then they are obviously missing it.  What am I talking about?

Juan Williams, writing in the Wall Street Journal, reports that in the most recent comprehensive study on black-on-black crime from the Justice Department, 93% of black murder victims were killed by other black people.   You can read the same bank of statistics at the Bureau of Justice, and you will see that consistently from 1976 to 2005, a white person was more than twice as likely to be killed by a black person than the opposite.  When we honestly evaluate how people are dying by murder in this country, there is almost zero threat that a black person would be killed by a white person.  Black people really shouldn't be fearing that they might be killed by a white person.  In 2005, the last year of the statistics, 692 white people were killed by black people in the United States.   During the same year, 254 black people were killed by white people.  Those statistics are very consistent every year.   Relative to black people killing white people, black people are not being killed by white people.  If black people are going to be concerned about actually getting killed, then they should consider that black people killed 2,646 black people the same year in 2005.

Alright, so now that we know this isn't about protecting the life of people and specifically black people, then what is it?   I have no statistics for my evaluation here.  This can only be my opinion and it won't necessarily be in order.  First, it is about President Obama's reelection.   The media didn't even react immediately to the Martin shooting.  It had to be finished first with the Sandra Fluke case.  All of this is about fomenting the Democrat base, those who can be counted upon to vote for the President.  Reelection malaise can be fired up with these types of issues for the special interests of the Democrat party.  It is also a distraction away from the bad news of gas prices, mortgage crisis, national debt, and the Supreme Court swatting down the federal health care law, passed by party line in 2010.  Guilt can also go a long way toward a reelection.  The Democrats will keep using white guilt as a reelection ploy.  And many people play right into the hands of this strategy, feeling as though now they've got to pander to show their racial sensitivity.  I think it shows just the opposite, that is, they are not color blind, but obsessed with race out some kind of guilt over their own racism.

Second, it is about a victim culture.  The victim has power.  The Martin family wasn't playing the victim card, but they were handed a whole stack of those cards by the media.  Black people aren't being killed by white people at some uniquely dangerous rate.  It's even a shrinking number.  It's all about making people feel like white people hate black people.  That can go a long way toward the power of those who are utilizing this situation for their own benefit.

Third, it is about dividing the country into groups.  A divided country is more easily manipulated by a few.

Fourth, it is about taking guns away from people.  If people can't defend themselves, the government itself has more power.  All the statistics have proven that people are safer with more gun ownership.  Gun control is about bigger government and less power for the people.  The gun control advocates are those who love this situation.

The issue here is not about white on black crime.  Zimmerman wasn't even white.  His name works well, but his mom is Latina.  It's convenient for him to be white in this situation, so he is.   Since this issue is not about protecting black people, it's got to be about something else, and I think it's one or all of the four above.


Anonymous said...

isnt it amazing a man half white and half hispanic can be constantly called white,, when our president who is half white and black is never considered a white president!!he's the first black president? no he's the first white black president if the media could be consistent and really he never acknowledges his white side in any issue of race

Thomas Ross said...

Notice the following on the media distortion of events: