Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What's Been Happening with Kirk?

Almost everywhere we go and to everyone who we talk to, who knows us, asks us how it's going with Kirk, my son. I always appreciate people asking, and I'm appreciative if they pray for him. He's doing well. He is a member of Liberty Baptist Church in Fishkill, NY, Pastor Paul Morrison, and he serves there in whatever capacity he can. Pastor Morrison says he is doing (Kirk is fifth from the left above) well, beginning to do some song leading and working in a nursing home service they have in the area. He has played piano when needed with hymn singing. Kirk has had several evangelistic conversations with various cadets.

Kirk is in his second year at the United States Military Academy at West Point. The second year is the Yearling Year there. The yearling performs all year as a team leader in charge of a plebe, one of the first year cadets.

Each cadet must join an athletic team. This semester Kirk is training with his company's Sandhurst team for the annual Sandhurst Competition at West Point on April 16. Every cadet learns languages and Kirk is taking French, common in African countries. As a part of French immersion, he will travel to Mali during Spring break for advanced individual academic development (AIAD). His first two years have been a rugged academic schedule in addition to other duties, including Physics, Calculus, and Chemistry, among others. Every cadet must learn the IOC (Indoor Obstacle Course) and take boxing. Many different national and world leaders visit the campus and give speeches, most recently just a few days ago, Kirk listened to a speech by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates.

Much about West Point is unique, but the summer training is part of it. The summer before the plebe year, each cadet endures CDT (Cadet Basic Training), also called Beast. His second summer requires CFT (Cadet Field Training) at Camp Buckner. The third summer varies. Kirk will have at least two training sessions this year. In late May and then June he'll participate in CTLT (Cadet Troop Leader Training), which is leadership experience in active Army units. Then in June and July, Kirk will travel to Sandhurst, England for a month to train with the Royal Military Academy.


d4v34x said...

Can you imagine boxing a West Point Cadet? Yikes!

Good to hear about the young man's progress.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Dave. We nerds are doing the best we can. :-D

Terry McGovern said...

Glad to hear he is doing well!

philipians2511 said...

Nerds ha ha ha...

Thanks for the update Br. B. !

Sounds like he's gonna do dome travelling, fun times.

Respectfully Submitted,

Br Steve

Gal. 2.20

Jim Peet said...

Sounds like a fine young man!