Monday, August 17, 2009

Acceptance Day at West Point

If you read this blog, you will be getting updates of my son at West Point. August 15 was Acceptance Day at the USMA. Acceptance Day is the time when the new cadets, who have finished Beast Barracks (cadet basic training), are accepted into the corps of cadets. These new cadets are now officially cadets. This means that they have risen to something on the level of worms under a rock, called plebes. The plebe cannot speak outside of his room unless spoken to. When he enters the hallway, he must walk with his shoulder against the wall, leaving the rest of the hall for upper classmen to walk through. Today, August 17, is the first day of classes at West Point. To the left is a picture of Kirk and below a picture of the cadets on the parade grounds marching on Acceptance Day with rifles and full bayonets.


Ed said...

looks like a new man. For sure General Material. Go Army.

Joe Russ said...

That is a sharp looking young man. Keep us updated.