Friday, May 01, 2009

My Only Son Goes to College

My only son, Kirk, my oldest child of four, 18, will graduate from high school this year. At some point, I may write about the whole process of decision making at this time of life, but for now I'm going to announce to you the decision. We've known now for about two weeks. Many of you may be surprised to hear about the results of this decision. He is going to college. He will be leaving home to do so. Where is he going? To reveal that to you, I'm going to give you some clues. Don't google. You're in trouble if you do.

The college was founded in 1802.

The buildings were first built in 1778.

1200 are admitted every year and about 1000 graduate.

Its football team has won three national championships.

Its students adhere to this honor code: "[He] will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do."

Some of you savvy ones may already know what school I'm talking about.

Two presidents of the United States have graduated from this college.

Four years at this institution cost over $250,000 per student.

U. S. News and World Report and Forbes in 2008 ranked this as the number one public college in the United States.

Forbes ranked this college in 2008 as the number six school over-all in the United States.

This second list may not have helped you too much.

About 12% of those who apply are admitted.

Candidates for admission must receive a nomination, usually from a congressman.

More than 80% who attend are men.

The college is fourth on the list of Rhodes Scholar winners.

The campus sits in New York state 50 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River.

The unofficial motto of the history department is: "Much of the history we teach was made by people we taught."

Every student is required to play a sport.

I think the third list probably helped a lot, but let's get more obvious.

The motto of the college is : "Duty, Honor, Country."

Edgar Allen Poe attended, but was expelled in 1834.

In 2009, this college has won the national titles in Boxing, Orienteering, and Pistol.

These men coached at this college: Vince Lombardi, Bill Parcells, Bob Knight, and Mike Krzyzewski.

74 graduates have been awarded the medal of honor.

The students are called "cadets."

The alumni are known as "the Long Gray Line."

These are graduates: Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman, Stonewall Jackson, George Armstrong Custer, John J. Pershing, George S. Patton, Omar Bradley, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Norman Schwarzkopf, Buzz Aldrin, William Westmoreland, and David Petraeus.

The college is known as West Point because of its location on the Hudson River.

The college is the United States Military Academy.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pastor Brandenburg!!

Respectfully Submitted

Bro Steve

Gal. 2:20

reglerjoe said...

Congratulations, Kent (and son)! Did your son graduate from your church's high school?

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Steve and Joe.

Kirk's graduation is at the end of May, but he has attended our school.

Of course, West Point isn't Christian. It's just a college. I don't rank a college above the church. It is a means by which someone can finish certain type of training, however, that relates more to bread winning or tent making.

reglerjoe said...


Not trying to pry or be snarky, but I'm curious if your son is graduating from a non-accredited IFB school, because we always here how grads from a non-accredited school have a terrible time getting into decent colleges (especially military academies).

Of course, this is assuming your church's school isn't accredited.

Anyways...just curious.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Joe, yes to your question.

We have kids get into accredited schools that graduated from ours. We've had at least three recently and we're a tiny school. I don't want to emphasize that as the best way. There is a lot bad about state colleges. That doesn't mean that I don't think that young people shouldn't go to Bible college. I still would recommend young people go to them. I still think that's an option. Although I believe your own church should take responsibility for training your own pastors.

I hadn't heard that on military academies, but it could be possible. They look at a lot to make their decision. Normally, I believe what gets in the way of most schools getting their kids in schools is what the schools offer and what it is that colleges and universities expect. Usually we're lower than what is expected.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Brandenburger,

Great news! Like I told you a few months ago, Kirk is a goooood bo-ah!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why you didn't first chose community college for 1 or 2 years to get the basic college credits and save money.

Anonymous said...

USMA is free.

Anonymous said...

Having been in the miltary before I think it would be difficult to attend church regularly while going to West Point. What were your considerations in this regard when making your decision about West Point.

Kent Brandenburg said...

I have former military friends who are in the ministry. We had the Alameda Naval Base the first few years we were out here, with Navy guys here. We have talked to the pastors in the area of West Point, three of them. The church he will be in and participating is thrilled about the situation. He'll now have an "in" at West Point that he didn't have. They do want them to go to church.

Sometimes I do wonder about anonymity here. I might reserve the right not to answer anonymous comments. I haven't done that yet, but it may be something I do.

Tony said...

We remember when Kirk was born when we were stationed at NAS Alameda. We need men like him, as I'm sure he is like you, in the military.

Tony said...

The UCMJ is based on Christian principles. However, one must have enough back bone to express his desires to stick to the UCMJ..UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE
We served 24 years in the US Navy with enlisted and officer alike attending the same churches near their base. We all sang in the same choir and took the Lord's supper together.
And yes, he will be challenged for his views, but such is life any place.
We are proud of him!!